Rare Collectible Antique Mid 19th Century Chinese Metallic and Silk Pile Rug 72678


Size: 4 ft x 7 ft (1.22 m x 2.13 m)
Origin: China

Truly Magnificent Rare and Collectible Antique Mid 19th Century Chinese Metallic and Silk Pile Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Chinese Rug, Circa Date: Mid 19th Century Rug

The design of this gorgeous Chinese metal and silk rug from the mid-19th century is not what you might expect. The patchwork borders have a folk art feel, and the brilliant colors will brighten any space. This metallic and silk rug is a rare find and will make an excellent addition to your collection and interior design.

This rug has the formal elements and motifs you might expect on a Chinese rug, only they are presented in an unusual way. The result is a design that is pleasing to the eye with colors that are brilliant and blend harmoniously. Silk has a lustrous sheen, and the metallic threads make it stand out even more and reflect the light.

The colors are warm and earthy, with rusts, browns, blues, citrus, and salmon. The colors and floral designs come together to give this piece a fresh spring feel. The pile of the rug is long, soft, and luxurious. Silk catches the natural light of the room in a way that shifts as the pile is brushed in different directions. This creates subtle differences that change throughout the day.

The materials used to create this rug show that it was meant for someone of considerable wealth and prestige. Silk and metal rugs of this type were produced by the imperial workshops of the Qing Dynasty that reigned from 1644 to 1911. Rugs of this type were created for wealthy patrons, temples, and imperial palaces.

Metallic threads are used in the background and to highlight certain elements. They were usually made from a thin copper wire that was twisted around a silk core, but you sometimes find other metals. When gold was not used, copper wire was exposed to zinc vapor to coat it with a thin layer of brass. This gave the copper a golden appearance.

The cheerful colors and carefully crafted knotted pile of the rug will give any room an uplift. Metal and silk rugs from the Qing Dynasty are a rare find, and the rare pattern of this piece makes it a special treat for the rug aficionado. You are encouraged to reach out to our team of professionals if you would like further information about this fine piece or to arrange to see it in person.

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