Art Deco Rugs for Today’s Home Decorating

Art Deco Rugs for Today’s Interior Design Trends

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Art Deco Rugs – 2010’s is the decade of redecorating and making home a more welcoming place to live. With colors trending back towards classic, hopeful and neutral, now is the time to make your home more sophisticated. One trend for this year is the resurgence of mid century, vintage and Art Deco interiors.

Art Deco was central in the early 20th century and spanned from 1900 to the beginning of the second world war. This decorating style focused on furniture as art and finding unique ways to incorporate art into decoration.

Art Deco Rugs By Nazmiyal
Art Deco Rugs

Textiles are featured prominently and there were different types of wood, leather, and precious metals. The revival of Art Deco is bringing in some interesting color mixes: black with either green, red, or ashen.

Black lacquer wood and chrome are predominant materials in furniture construction, also ebony and light-maple woods as well. The upholstery fabrics are velor and other lush, comfortable fabrics. The furniture is basically novel and shiny yet comfortable and functional.

Art Deco Rugs By Nazmiyal
Art Deco Rugs

Popular Art Deco lighting fixtures that one would expect to see in such interiors include wall sconces, goblet shades, and bronze and flute lamps. Floral and numerical patterns are included in the actual construction as well. They match well with other accents which include nickel mirrors, fluted vases and bronze sculptures. Luscious textiles include leather which has a luxe, glossy look which suits Art Deco.

Antique Tapestries are a great compliment to Art Deco and modernist decors. It goes without said that a true vintage rug or antique carpet are making a comeback since the new production out there today will never have the patina and if you are going to invest in your interiors nothing will ever compare to the real thing.

Funnily enough, since the prices of many of the real McCoy’s are comparable to the new productions it simply begs the question – why not get the real thing? Besides that fact that the antique pieces simply look better, the new rugs and carpets have no real value once one acquires them just like a new car – once you buy it and drive it off the lot it’s resale value will plummet whereas the antique pieces will always retain some of their inherent value.

One always should start with the rug when decorating their house. Fabrics come in a wide range of colorspatterns and price ranges the options or almost limitless. Therefore it is always easier to find a nice fabric to match the rug but to go the other way around will be extremely difficult since finding the right rug might take longer and will probably cost more than the fabrics themselves.

So before you begin your interior design:

Start with the perfect carpet! and everything else will fall into place!

Colors: Classic Revival: a color palette of grey, mushroom, sky, desert, sand, taupe and white are a great starting point for elegance in your home. Hopeful: grassy green, vibrant violet, sunny yellow, warm tangerine, and soft pinks are colors which can assist you in evocatively creating a mood simply by selecting a new color scheme.

Bold yet subdued: ocean blue, tomato red, and amber gold are vibrant colors which can be welcoming yet are not overpowering for the occupant of the room. Clink on this link to see more Art Deco rugs.