Vintage Flat Weave Art Deco Design Kilim Rug From India 48030

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Size: 9 ft x 11 ft 8 in (2.74 m x 3.56 m)
Origin: India Rugs

A series of lines is set against a simple pale brown field. Strong despite its simplicity, this antique Art Deco carpet is an intriguing example.

A Geometric And Simplistic Vintage Art Deco Design Flat Woven Indian Kilim Area Rug, This Rug Was Woven In: India, Circa Date: Around The Early Part Of The 20th Century, 1930 – This flat weave kilim area rug is quite an impressive art deco design rug and a unique vintage Indian area rug as well. Created in the distinct vintage Art Deco esthetic, and woven in India, sometime during the 1930’s, it is one of the more unexpected yet impressive examples of its kind.

The Art Deco was a stylistic movement from which this carpet emerged. It was a wide reaching artistic movement that had a tremendous impact on contemporary and stylistic aesthetics. In contrast to the Art Nouveau movement, on whose heels it followed, the Art Deco movement is generally characterized as geometric and stylistic, with an emphasis on a sort of  reworked neoclassical ideal of aesthetic beauty. Area rugs like this particular carpet demonstrate the experimental nature of Art Deco: for despite its age and origination in India, this 1930’s era carpet is exceptionally modern.

Rather than boasting the elaborate and traditional decorative qualities of antique area rugs, this vintage carpet features a simpler design. The pattern is comprised of rectilinear line work set against an otherwise unadorned field of soft brown. Blue and pale ivory lines are thin and straightforward. On top is a wider line, red, with diamond shaped cutouts. Strong despite its simplicity, this antique Art Deco carpet is an intriguing example.

For those who are looking to buy rugs that are a bit more unusual and different then this Art Deco design flat woven kilim area rug from India is a spectacular option. Regardless of where you place the rug with in your home’s interior design, it is so versatile and interesting that it will provide some great artistic impact and many fascinating conversations, not to mention compliments.

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