Large Antonin Kybal Room Size Vintage French Kilim Rug 48893


Size: 9 ft 6 in x 13 ft (2.9 m x 3.96 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Flat Woven Beautiful Large Room Size Vintage French Kilim Rug by Antonin Kybal, Country / Origin: French Rugs, Circa / Date: Mid 20th Century – By establishing clear and rigid lines of motion, decorators can elegantly establish this French rug in a variety of environments to break up space and draw attention. This is particularly evident in the way the vintage rug’s angular forms are presented. Several straight lines move from one section of the rug to the next, crossing over each other to create smaller units of space within their depths. These spaces are highlighted by a variety of solid colors and horizontal stripes, resulting in an elegant blend of elements that create contrast and definition where they meet. Sandy beige, fiery red and leafy green all come together to define the elegant spaces within this beautiful flat weave rug. The lines of color cross over each other at several points in the rug, which only further breaks up the space and creates a powerful degree of asymmetry that almost seems natural in its occurrence.

Antonin Kybal is an icon of Czechoslovakian mid 20th century design. His designs are famous for their functionalist aesthetic and modern appeal. His production process was the synthesis of artistic design and efficient industrial production processes. He created works that were sold as individual pieces, and he also made mass-produced ones that were sold as collections in the exclusive Krasna Jizba chain of stores.

Aside from his mass-produced pieces, Kybal also created custom pieces for exclusive clientele. Many of his larger pieces were commissioned works. This vintage rug is titled, “Tappeto” and was created between 1950-1959. During the 1950’s, Kybal created pieces for new architectural buildings in Czechoslovakia, such as the Old Town Hall in Prague.

Kybal’s pieces merged his knowledge of painting with textile arts and allowed him to create pieces that are expressive in their composition and colors. His abstracts take their place alongside famous Mid Century modern design icons and artists, like Kazmir Malevich, Mark Rothko, and Piet Mondrian. This piece uses a design vocabulary that includes vibrant colors and simple shapes. The artist creates movement and direction using line and form. This piece is about contrast using hard lines and bold colors.

This is a gorgeous flat kilim area rug and a beautiful example of Kybal’s work. It is perfect for a mid century modern design room or any ultra-modern design. This piece will create a sense of scale in the space and a striking focal point. Its minimalist design makes it perfect for adding color to a neutral room. It is an inspiring piece by one of the most influential artists of the mid-20th century. This piece is a rare find and an excellent addition to your vintage collection.

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