Antique Neutral Minimalist Art Deco French Rug 48457


Size: 6 ft 3 in x 9 ft 6 in (1.9 m x 2.9 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Captivating Minimalistic Design Antique Art Deco French Area Rug, Weaving County / Origin: France, Circa / Weaving Date: Early 20th Century — This captivating French art deco rug embodies charm, warmth, and a sense of playfulness. A narrow chocolate border bookends the carpet, giving way to a vast expanse of warm, welcoming cream.  Playful arcs of mint green, periwinkle, rust, and deep cocoa arc across the carpet, gentle, forthright hues inspiring a feeling of comfort and welcome, suggesting movement. Gentle and playful, these warm arcs of color display perfect symmetry even as they provide a feeling of freedom and artistry. The warmth and creativity of this gorgeous French carpet highlight a truly lovely decorative statement.

This beautiful French art deco carpet is an excellent example of the art deco movement of the 1920’s. The beautiful minimalistic rug features just enough pattern and just enough colors to create a fascinating artistic tension as well as warm cozy and artistic feel.

This French rug features a solid cream color background, which creates a feeling of renewal, growth, calmness and harmony. The encroaching end designs are carried out using only a handful of colors that are just so perfectly complimenting to each other and the overall feel of the rug itself.  These neutral colored elements are grounded by the use of earthy brown splashes of color in the end design itself.

Antique rugs such as This specific French art deco rug would be an excellent addition to minimalist approaches to interior design where the rugs tie everything in the room together and add warmth to the space. That said,  would also be perfect for almost any art deco designed home interiors and could also be used to tone down the room and offset any busy patterns and overall feels.

This French art deco rug has a beautifully classic and timeless feel. The clean lines of the design and minimal use of softer colors make it versatile enough to carry more modern interiors such as Bauhaus or Scandinavian design.

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