Antique Rug Questions

Answers To All The Antique Rug Questions You May Have

How to Buy Antique Carpets and Many Other Antique Rug Related Questions

Antique Rug Questions and Answers - While there may be countless types of antique carpets available, not all of them will serve the needs of the individual consumer. There are various considerations that determine the type of carpet to look for. Once these considerations are addressed, the choice becomes much more focused and selective, and much simpler.

Antique Rug Questions
Antique Rug Questions

With that in mind, we put together a few of the top questions you may have and answers pertaining to antique rugs that we have received over the years. As people ask more questions, we will update this page to address their concerns.

If you have a question that is not covered below, please check our guide to everything you want to know about antique rugs, or feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer and address it personally.

Below you will some of most common antique rug questions and answers:

1. What Size Rugs and Carpets are Required by the Room?

2. What Styles or Designs of Rugs are Right for my Decor or Taste?

3. What Designers Look for in Rugs?

4. What Collectors Look for in Rugs?

5. What Budget Should I Have when looking for rugs?

6. What Determines the Value or Cost of Rugs & Carpets?

7. How Do I Determine Quality?

8. How Do I Determine the Age of Rugs and Carpets?

9. What Criteria Defines Rugs and Carpets as Antique?

10. Distinguishing Quality Rugs from Commercial Mass Production?

11. How Do I Know Where Rugs are Made?

12. Why Should I Look at the Back of the Rugs?

13. Imperfections in Rugs & Carpets

14. How Does Repair Affect value of Rugs & Carpets?

15. Comfort vs. Appearance in Hand-Made Rugs

16. What is the Difference Between a City Rug and a Tribal Rug?

17. How Do I Buy the Right Antique Rug?

18. How Do I Run an Electrical Wire through a Rug?