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Contemporary Modern Moroccan Rugs Originating in the rural Northern African country of Morocco, modern Moroccan rugs do not differ much from their ancient predecessors. The rugs, which are hand-woven, are mostly made by tribal women whom have been doing so since the Paleolithic Era. This was, and still is, a social activity for the women of this country. The women are often found with other members of their family, neighbors, or friends, sitting side-by-side making the rugs with their looms.

The patterns found in modern Moroccan rugs can be plain or colorful and are made up of symbols, lines, and geometric shapes. These patterns have not changed much over time and are symbolic of the prehistoric ancestors of the Moroccans. Surprisingly, indigenous materials are still used to make the rugs and most women continue to follow unique designs of their own liking. The rugs can be made with a heavy pile, making them very thick; but they can also be woven flat for use in the desert.

The tribal members weaving the rugs do so mostly for personal purposes within their homes; however, over the years, some commercialization has come about in the rural villages in the Middle and High Atlas mountain range. Modern Moroccan rugs are popular in the west and are usually used for decorative purposes. People of the rural tribes use the rugs mostly for warmth in the winter months and for cool bedding in the summer months.

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