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Vintage Tabriz Rugs

Beautiful Collection Of Modern and Vintage Tabriz Rugs

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Vintage and Modern Tabriz Rugs – Located in the far northwest of Persia, Tabriz has been a leading center for the production of the finest rugs and carpets since the fourteenth century if not earlier. By 1500 it had emerged as a major capital of Safavid power and many of the carpet masterpieces of this period were made there.

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During the great revival of rug weaving in the nineteenth century Tabriz still had its master rug weavers designers like the famed Haji Jalili. Given this long and distinguished tradition, it comes as no surprise that no other Persian center of rug weaving can demonstrate such a wide range of designs or pattern types. The Tabriz design repertory is in fact so varied and extensive, that its products cannot be identified according to the rug’s design pattern or motif, but rather through the distinctive combination of refined classical Persian motifs with a preference for symmetrical knotting, extra wefts, and dyed warps.

Some of the most impressive modern and vintage Iranian rug productions have come out of the city of Tabriz. Some of the modern and vintage Tabriz rugs are truly phenomenal works of textile art. The combination of bold colors, geometric and floral designs and attention to detail are why vintage and modern Tabriz rugs are so popular today. Gracing the floors of some of the greatest homes throughout Europe and the Middle-East, fine vintage or modern Tabriz rugs have become quite the status symbol among those who have a love and passion for the art of weaving.

Whether one prefers centralized medallion compositions or allover vine-scroll and compartment designs, whether one inclines to room size rugs or smaller rugs, whether one prefers modern rugs or vintage carpets, they may all be found among the outstanding products of Tabriz right down to the present time.

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