Oversized Antique Persian Floral Tabriz Rug 70956

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Size: 12 ft 10 in x 21 ft 3 in (3.91 m x 6.48 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Oversized Antique Persian Floral Tabriz Rug, Country of Origin: Persian, Circa date: 1920 – Tabriz has a long tradition of producing fine area rugs that were once used as the formal Court Persian rugs of the Safavid Dynasty in the 16th century. Throughout the ages, these magnificent antique rugs remained a center for producing some of the most beautiful rugs in the world. The magnificent antique Persian area rugs from Tabriz have a formal quality and are known for their fine detail. This one has a subtle palette that is natural and reflects the colors found in nature. It is an excellent way to bring a piece of the natural world to your interior. This magnificent piece will make an excellent addition to a traditional room setting or a contemporary one.

This decorative antique Persian Tabriz rug honors the many different feet that have touched its surface going about their daily business. This gives it a Shabby Chic distressed rug texture and feel that is perfect for a more casual interior design.

The antique Persian rugs are finding their way into a wide range of more contemporary decorating styles. Their graceful flowing lines and traditional motifs make them perfect for Grand Millennial or classic furniture styles. This palatial oversized area rug is an excellent way to add the classic Tabriz style to your home in a palette that is more subdued.

The Persian Tabriz carpets are known for their fine detail, soft feel underfoot and beautiful use colors. This one features a medallion design that gives the rug a sense of symmetry and balance. The skill of the Tabriz weavers allowed them to create designs that are executed with precision.

Tabriz was home to rug weaving schools with some of the most skilled designers and craftsmen in the world. Even today, the high level of skill of the Persian rug weavers in Tabriz stands out, and this exquisite antique from the early 20th century shows their skill. This is a magnificent piece for a formal dining hall or as the center of an area for conversation. This large size Persian Tabriz rug would make a gorgeous addition to an office, too.

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