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African Retro Rug 31578848 by Nazmiyal NYC
Close Up of African Retro 31578848 by Nazmiyal NYC
Detail of African Retro 31578848 by Nazmiyal NYC
Details of African Retro 31578848 by Nazmiyal NYC
Pattern of African Retro 31578848 by Nazmiyal NYC

African Retro Rug 31578848


Size: 9 ft x 12 ft (2.74 m x 3.66 m)

This rug can be custom made in any size.

Currently, the following size is also available in stock:

8×10 – $3,355 ( Contact to purchase )

Sophisticated African Retro Rug Type / Country of Origin: India Circa Date: Modern / New – The dramatic grays, charcoal, and whites of this carpet have a dramatic impact and add a graphic quality to the space. The linear, geometric design itself also adds and intensity and has surprising variations in pattern that are ever-changing as the eye moves vertically. It has a modern, yet it also has a mid century retro feel, too.

This design would be the perfect carpet for adding texture and interest in an all black and white room. It would also be perfectly at home among all grays or mixed in with other neutral tones. It has a modern look, but the roots of this design are surprisingly ancient.

Although this African Retro rug looks as if it would fit into any contemporary space, it also has a retro feel that is similar to the abstract patterns produced from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. Designers of the mid century often turned to the ancient cultures for inspiration. African designs became popular throughout this time. They were popular because they have geometric form, but they also have a uniquely organic quality that softened streamlined interiors.

The pattern of this carpet was inspired by the traditional weavings of women from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They wove traditional designs into a type of cloth known as Kuba cloth. The designs reflected elements of their world, such as changes in seasons, crops, or their connection to the earth.

The designs were passed down from generation to generation, but many of them have lost their specific meaning over time. Yet, designers in the mid-20th century found them fascinating and the perfect way to soften minimalist mid century designs. They found their way into styles such as Eames era and Danish modern. Now, mid century designs are once again making a comeback, but only with a more modern twist.

This is a beautiful carpet that has a modern look and appeal, but that also reflects the traditions of the ancient culture. It is a beautiful piece that will have a dramatic impact in a neutral, contemporary home or office. The geometric design and neutral palette are perfect to an ultra-modern, contemporary room design, but it also has a refined vintage feel that is will inspire the inner artist.

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