Vintage Scandinavian Per Arnoldi Art Rug by Ege 48121


Size: 4 ft 8 in x 6 ft 9 in (1.42 m x 2.06 m)
Style: Ege Rugs

This vibrant carpet beautifully channels Arnoldi’s unique approach to design, which is focussed on spatial relationships.

A Vintage Mid Century Modern Scandinavian Art Rug By Danish Artist Per Arnoldi and Woven by Ege, Origin: Scandinavia, Rug Weaving Date: Mid-20th Century – Here is an exciting and intriguing vintage carpet – an Ege art rug that was woven in Scandinavia during the middle years of the twentieth century with a design by the celebrated Danish artist Per Arnoldi (b. May 25, 1941, Copenhagen, Denmark).

This vibrant carpet beautifully channels Arnoldi’s unique approach to design, which is focused on spatial relationships. Here, a series of rectangular figures are fitted together, with each square expressing a different impression. A large, bright red rectangle dominates the left side of the carpet. This solid block is unadorned with any sort of decoration. Directly beneath, as if supporting the red block, is a square of dark blue. Here, light blue swaths add an extra dimension to the square. The right side of this carpet features three stacked squares of equal size: a yellow square at the top, followed by two blue squares of the same style as the one below the red rectangle. A delightfully modern feel carpet, this art rug that was designed by artist Per Arnoldi is an exciting work.

While some may choose to use this piece as a wall hanging tapestry rug, others may choose to feature it on the floor as an artistic decorative rug to compliment your home’s interior design. While rugs like this would work seamlessly in any mid century modern design or vintage retro inspired interior, they could also be incorporated in a wide range of other interior design approaches such as Scandi influenced interiors , urban modern home decors, industrial interior designs and so forth.

For those of us who love colors and texture, magnificent vintage Scandinavian area rugs such as this breathtaking Per Arnoldi art rug by Ege would be a joy to live with.

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