Vintage Scandinavian Corneille Art Rug 49578


Size: 9 ft x 6 ft (2.74 m x 1.83 m)

Abstractedly Breathtaking Vintage Artistic Corneille Based Scandinavian Area Rug, Rug Origin and Type: Scandinavia Made Rug, Circa / Creation Date: Late 20th Century – This striking Corneille art rug is sure to make quite the artistic stamens in any setting.

The cubist approach to the design pattern features abstract faces and shapes that have been drawn out with rough, black lines. The overall colors are mostly muted, with a lot of space taken up by low contrast color choices which enhance the overall composition of the art work featured on this beautiful vintage carpet.

Where the colors of this Scandinavian rug are neutral, the pattern is primitive and almost childlike. This is made even more apparent in their seemingly haphazard arrangement of the linear patterns. As if the artist passionately and intensely sketched out the design during a fit of artistic inspiration.

The pattern of this Corneille art rug features circles and triangles that seem to be superimposed over large blocks of solid color. The triangles form a jagged plateau and the circles are fashioned with simple shapes into approximate faces. This gives us a feeling as if we are peering down at a group of people who successfully scaled to the very top of a mountain.

Small areas of brighter warmer color accentuate different features of the art on this piece. These pops of color draw a person’s gaze, giving them a place to pause for just an instant before letting their attention scatter over the rest of the tableau that are depicted in this magnificent art rug.

As is the case with most great works of abstract or semi abstract art, the exact meaning of the design may change from person to person. As if created just for us, the viewers, to be able to take what we need from it when we need it most.

While this Corneille art rug could make a great wall hanging tapestry rug, it will be just as beautiful on the floor as a magnificent decorative area rug. Regardless of how it is used within an interior design setting, it is sure to enhance any room’s decor and will a conversation piece when people see it.

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