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Modern Moroccan Rugs

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The colorful, natural designs of the of the Beni Ourain rugs of Morocco have fascinated interior designers since the middle of the last century. Their soft texture and primitive, sometimes playful, patterns and colors add interest and texture to designs from retro to contemporary. Nazmiyal Gallery is proud to present its newest collection of rugs that honor the historical traditional designs of the original Moroccan rugs, but in a way that is trendy and contemporary.

Modern Moroccan Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Moroccan Rugs

Modern Moroccan Rugs Add a Touch of Nature

This past year or so, several major trends dominated interior design styles. On of the biggest trends is that of using elements of the natural world to create an interior that is soothing and peaceful. This look is meant to inspire the same feeling of serenity that you get when you are out in nature. It draws on the concept that our homes should be a place that inspires us and a place where we can relax, reflect, and restore our bodies and minds.

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Designers bring the feeling of nature into the space by using nature-inspired colors, adding texture, and using natural materials. Moroccan rugs can soften the hard edges of an ultra-modern interior design and make it look warm and inviting. They are the perfect rugs for natural wood finishes, soft coppers, and earth tones throughout the space.

Tribal Modern Moroccan Geometrics for Modern Interiors

Geometric designs give the room a sense of balance and order. In mid-century modern designs of the last century, clean lines and simple forms were used to give the interior a simple, minimalist look. These minimalist interior designs emphasized form and function over the more decorative aspects. This was the era when the world fell in love with vintage rugs from Morocco. They added texture, gave the eyes a place to rest in the room and they continue to do so today.

The geometric forms of these primitive masterpiece tribal rugs,  were a favorite among rug collectors and for creating a well-composed and balanced feel in the room. Today, this concept translates well into modern, minimalist designs, Swedish modern, and other styles that emphasize form and function over detail. Their tribal feel also makes them the perfect foundation for a Boho chic design, too. Moroccan rugs are made for adding layers of texture and color to the space but in a way that does not rely on complexity to do so.

Something Old and Something New

This year, interior decorators are throwing out the rule book when it comes to mixing traditional and modern decor elements. For instance, you might see a surprisingly vintage piece in a modern, minimal design. You might also find pieces from different eras in the same room. It is no longer necessary to define your style by a single trend and stick to it. Urban modern interiors allow you to experiment and find your own personal style. You can express every aspect of your personality within the space to create a room that is your perfect sanctuary.

The only rule that still applies is – if you love it, then it should be in your home. This collection embodies the idea of using traditional design elements but giving them a modern and updated look. These newly woven Afghan modern Moroccan rugs are based on traditional Berber rug designs that are inspired by the beloved mid-century modern rugs that are still favorites for many styles.

About the Modern Moroccan Rug Collection

Although there will always be a place for the original vintage pieces, they are not always the right match for modern interior styles. The rug weaving looms of the tribes who created these masterpieces were limited. They were often never wider than seven or eight feet. Although longer pieces do exist, they were limited in width, making the bigger rugs mostly long and narrow gallery size rugs.

Modern architecture depends on wide, open spaces and room features on a larger scale. In an open-plan loft or entrance with vaulted ceilings, a small rug might appear to get lost. It can make the space look smaller rather than spacious and expansive. Choosing a rug size that is appropriate for the space is the key to getting the look of the space just right. These beautiful rugs offer a wide range of sizes and rug deign patterns so that you can find one that is the perfect area rug to match for your space.

This collection of rugs from Afghanistan is made with the same attention to rug quality and design as the originals. Moroccan rugs are known for their quality, ability to withstand the test of time as well as their excellent wear qualities. These modern Afghan Moroccan rugs have the same attention to detail and are made from quality materials that will last, just like the originals.

Modern Afghan Moroccan Rugs Inspire Colors and Designs for Modern Interiors

In this collection of modern rugs, you can clearly see the influence and inspiration of vintage tribal rugs. That said, these beautiful Moroccan style Afghan rugs are made to suit modern color palettes and spaces. Many of them have a delicate, earth-inspired color scheme that blends well with Nordic styles to create a space that is intimate and welcoming.

This collection of modern Moroccan style rugs features grays, blacks, browns, and cream colors that serve as an inspiration for the overall color scheme of the space. Delicate blues are used to transform the space into a cozy retreat from the world and make the perfect addition to a coastal, or beach house inspired home decor. Some of the modern Afghan Moroccan rugs in this collection have a more graphic nature and will pair well with retro inspired furniture and fixtures. The new Moroccan design rugs will complement spaces from Industrial to eclectic.

The foundation of the space begins with choosing the right carpet in color, pattern, and size. A modern Afghan Moroccan-style rug defines the area and the selections in this collection allow you to find that one that brings the look of the room together and makes it look like a well-curated piece of art. Many interior designers now start their decorating projects with the rug and use it as the foundation for the rest of the room design. And, needless to say, these Modern Moroccan rugs are the perfect pieces to spark one’s creativity.

The traditional, tribal patterns of these Modern Moroccan rugs reflect centuries of culture, stories, and the traditions of a people. They honor these centuries-old traditions, but they do so in a way that is updated and fresh. These rugs are the perfect way to bring natural elements into the room, but in a way that is modern and refined.

We invite you to look around this collection of magnificent pieces that will give your space a character that expresses your personality and a style that is uniquely your own. When you find that irresistible piece that speaks to you, feel free to contact our professional staff with any questions that you might have, and we will be happy to meet your needs.

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