Wednesday Wishlist: Mid-Century Moroccan Rug


Mid-Century Moroccan Rug for Wish List Wednesday!

Mid-Century Moroccan Rug:

Glowing with a fiery luminosity, this vintage Moroccan rug is stealing the spotlight this week. Balancing a neutral background with bold oranges and tangerines, its has a dramatic abstract effect and a comfy, shaggy feel.

“It looks like a modernist painting,” Nazmiyal’s Omri Schwartz says of the piece. “It’s very Zen-like.”

The brilliant colors, combined with the minky ivory pile makes this a surprising statement piece that works especially well with mid-century modern design. Use it in the living room to liven a muted sofa, or in the office for that extra pop of creativity-inducing color.

Mid-Century Moroccan Rug
Mid-Century Moroccan Rug

Distinct and primitive patterns like the one seen here are part of the celebrated history of Moroccan rugs. While they are younger than other antique rugs, these carpets are handcrafted by skilled weavers who have carried the trade through generations. The result is a collection of rugs that are individually unique, yet versatile enough to stand the test of time Рand the ever changing trends of interior design.

Check the slideshow for our favorite Moroccan patterns. Then head to our website and get 30 percent off our entire collection from now until 20 January.

Moroccan Rug 45302
Moroccan Rug 45302

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