Rough Luxe Defines Interior Design Trends

Rough Luxe Interior Design Trends

It looks old, beat up and secondhand. But, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to look. Called Rough Luxe, this aesthetic is a new design trend that combines storytelling and raw elements to redefine the value of luxury.

“In this economy, people are buying less. But, they’re buying things that have more meaning,” says Sean Brennan, a strategist for global design and innovation consultancy, Continuum. In their latest trend forecast, they found Rough Luxe ideals have permeated everything from food to fashion to architecture.

Rough Luxe Interior Design Trends by Nazmiyal
Rough Luxe Interior Design Trends

Summed up, Rough Luxe is the sensoral experience we get from products that have the rough elements of originality. Their authenticity heighten’s the relationship of the owner to a level of pride. Of wanting to say, “Look what I have,” and to share the story behind it.

“Think of taking down a barn in New Hampshire, and making furniture from its wood,” Brennan explains. “The rough, unfinished style of the material has a history, a soul. That’s really important to people because it heightens their relationship with it.”

From farm-to-table food to reclaimed wood furnishings and aged flea market centerpieces, the Rough Luxe vibe is catching on almost everywhere. In the home, in particular, pieces that ooze authenticity are becoming the most sought after. At Nazmiyal, that trend has meant a renewed passion for antique carpets.

“People are starting to realize new rugs come in exactly the size and color they want, but they don’t have a soul,” says Nazmiyal’s Omri Schwartz. “There’s an inherit value and patina to antique rugs that you’d never get with a new rug.”

Dating back as far as the sixteenth century, antique and vintage rugs have a story rich in culture, craftsmanship and design. Each has an unrivaled individuality that is both worn and luxurious – the very essence of Rough Luxe.

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