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Stolen Picasso Tete De Femme Painting

Story Of The Stolen Picasso Tete De Femme Artwork

Stolen Picasso Painting – Was it Mr. Green in the foyer with the candle stick? Perhaps, it was Professor Plum with the oven mitt in the study? Or maybe it could have been Colonel Mustard with the ketchup bottle in the underground speakeasy? Whoever did it, the point is, someone has stolen a valuable piece of work straight off the wall of a San Francisco gallery.

Famed Cubist painter, Pablo Picasso, was wronged this week when an unknown cat-burglar stole one of his famous drawings from the Weinstein Gallery in San Francisco, CA. The mystery-man walked into this prestigious gallery which houses the works of some of the world’s greatest artists, Dali, Chagall, and of course, Señor Picasso, lifted the drawing off the gallery wall with his grubby little fingers, and ducked out in his getaway cab. The drawing, “Tete de Femme”, disappeared into the windy streets of the Cable Car capital of the country.

“Tete de Femme” is said to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and was so easily picked from the Weinstein Gallery’s garden of wall space. The assailant can only be described as a “man in his 30’s wearing loafers and dark sunglasses”. I don’t know about you, but in my time working for galleries, I’m led to believe that there has to be some serious conspiring going down.

Stolen Picasso Tete De Femme Artwork - Nazmiyal

Stolen Picasso Tete De Femme Artwork

Let’s be serious this isn’t the Thomas Crown Affair or Entrapment. Sean Connery is not going to put someone doubling as Catherine Zeta Jones in a cat suit to go through a jungle jim of lasers and trigger switches.

There is absolutely no way that a Picasso housed in a major gallery in a populous metropolitan part of town could be snatched from the wall without surveillance cameras, eye-witnesses, or taxi-cab confessions. Picasso, himself, would have a whole new meaning to “blue period” if he only knew what has become of his precious drawing.

Pablo Picasso Painting Weeping Woman With Handkerchief - Nazmiyal

Pablo Picasso Painting Weeping Woman With Handkerchief

All I’m saying is this piece is missing, and it is a complete and utter injustice to the Art World. Perhaps, we should get Inspector Clouseau on the case. By the looks of it, I’m sure he would have found the Pink Panther Picasso before authorities. This puppy could not have gone far and will be impossible to sell on the black market for its actual worth. Keep your eyes peeled, your whiskers trimmed, and give ’em your best Charlie’s Angels pose.

This post about the stolen Picasso was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs Located in the Heart of Manhattan New York City, NY.

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