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Tips on Hunting For The Perfect New York City Apartments

New York City Apartments – The hunt is on in NYC! New York City Apartments – Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the grueling and tiresome melodrama that undoubtedly coincides with the mere act of finding that perfect New York city apartment amidst luxury high-rises, intimidating doormen fully clad in crisp black suits, and […]

Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet

Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet In All Its Glory Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet – Nobody loves a beautiful carpet as much as we do here at the Nazmiyal Collection. So, what better way to share this passion for our favorite home furnishing than with the Belgian beauty that is the Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet. Every two […]

Hamptons Interior Design And Decor

Interior Design In The Hamptons Hamptons Interior Design – There are few things that are more iconic for today’s summer vacation than packing up that SUV with a Louis Vuitton weekend bag full of bathing suits, filling a mini-cooler with turkey and brie sandwiches, and zipping off to that chic retreat in the Hamptons. (Don’t forget to […]

Anthony Caro Sculptures at the Met

Anthony Caro Sculptures At the metropolitan Museum Of Art Anthony Caro Sculptures – Am I writing another post about rooftops? You bet I am! I couldn’t help but share this! Check out Antony Caro’s sculptural exhibition atop the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If the Met’s blurb about this exhibition calls Caro, “…the most influential and prolific […]

Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar NYC Nazmiyal

Rooftop Bars: New York’s Hottest Summer Secret

Best Rooftop Bars In NYC Rooftop Bars NYC – The dog day’s of summer are finally lurking around every corner where one can’t walk down the street without seeing a Mister Softee truck peddling the summer staples of dipped cones, popsicles, and your favorite cartoon character in its purest creamy frozen form. We, New Yorkers, braved […]

Oval Office Rug

President Obama Gets a New Oval Office Rug

President Obama Gets A New Rug for the Oval Office President Obama Gets a New Oval Office Rug – The AP recently published an article that describes the changes President Obama is making to the Oval Office, one of which includes a new rug. According to the article, Michael Smith (a regular collaborator with Nazmiyal Collection Of Antique Rugs) of […]