Modern Area Rug Styles

Choosing a Modern Area Rug Styles for Your Home

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Embarking On Your Quest For Your Perfect Style Of Modern Rug

When choosing a modern rug style, or any area rug styles for that matter there are many factors to consider. Your preferences may be contemporary or traditional. There may be colors or rug pattern and motifs that you love to display in your home.

You must consider also the purpose of the space. Do you want your living space to be calm and relaxing? Do you want your area to feel lively and festive? You need to consider your own personal style as well. The new rug should fit seamlessly with your furniture. Do not let the questions overwhelm you. We are here to help. Learn about the different types of area rugs and consult our rug style guide to assist in making this decision.

Why Should You Consider Adding a Modern Rug?

A modern rug can be a great addition to any room. It can serve as noise control on hardwood floors, or it can define a space. Rugs can add depth to a room with carpeted floors as well. Rugs can be used to define each area of living, make the room feel larger, unify decor, or to keep the room fresh. If your home has an open design concept, rugs can define each room’s purpose.

Choosing a Modern Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Choosing a Modern Rug

Large rugs create an optical illusion making the room seem larger. Rugs can unify the remaining decor in your home, becoming that special element that ties everything else together. Getting a new rug can change the look of a room without changing large furniture pieces. Switching accessories takes less effort, and is also less expensive.

Choosing A Modern Rug Style

One of the biggest steps in adding a modern rug to your home is choosing the rug’s style. While searching for the perfect modern rug to fit your home, the 3 main styles of area rugs that you will encounter are transitional, traditional, or contemporary. In our rug style guide, we will explain how each style of rug will fit in your home.

Mixing Modern Area Rugs - Nazmiyal Rugs

When mixing modern area rugs, change up the sizes and shapes of the rugs.

Traditional Modern Area Rugs

A traditional rug is the easiest style of a rug to identify. Traditional rugs include Persian, Oriental, and other classic styles. Traditional rugs are ornate, and extremely detailed. The traditional designs found today were actually developed many years ago in royal eras of many countries. Traditional rugs bring a formal look to the room, and ushers in an air of cozy sophistication.

Traditional rugs, like traditional furniture, offer classic style mixed with comfort. Traditional rugs display an array of colors, an ornate design, and a distinct border. Some traditional rugs are pictorial and even display a scene or still life. Look for rugs with roots in the 18th century with English sophistication or French country charm. Soumaks, dhurries, and kilims are considered part of the traditional rug family even though some consider them to be more tribal in nature.

Decorating with Modern Rugs Nazmiyal

Decorating with modern rugs

Traditional rugs that have more neutral colors can be paired with warm woods or bronze decor. Luxurious draperies with embellishments, like tassels, pair well with traditional rugs. Furniture with gentle curves and soft edges are the best fit the traditional rug. Consider having traditional rug as the final component in your home decor if you decorate with still-life paintings, chandeliers, crystals, candlesticks, or flowers. Depending on the intricate details, these rugs can have a feminine touch, or they can add a bold masculine vibe with deep colors and dark patterns. Consider pairing a traditional rug with a leather couch.

Take some time to look around your home to determine if a traditional rug is good match for your current personal style of the furniture and decor in your home. Don’t be afraid to try a new look. It is easy to change if you want to refresh the look again.

Traditional Modern Rug Nazmiyal

A modern traditional rug.

Contemporary Modern Rugs

A contemporary rug is a work of art itself. It does not follow the trends established hundreds of years ago. Contemporary rugs are as unique as the individual that purchased it. While traditional rugs are sophisticated, contemporary rugs can be fun, playful, formal, or romantic. Irrespective of the color, design, or style, the contemporary rug is a unique accessory on his own. The patterns are often modern and less intricate.

Contemporary rugs are characterized as having variety and originality. Some of their features include bold colors, contrasting elements, and geometric patterns. Many of them contain retro features like Art Deco. A variety of contemporary rugs display original works of art. If you are looking for unique qualities, you will find this in contemporary rugs.

They will not look like any other rug that you have seen before. They can display bold features that encompass the entire area of a rug, or a bold image that takes up only a part of the rug. These are just some of the features that contemporary rugs exhibit.

Explore The World Of New Contemporary Modern Area Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Explore The World Of New Contemporary Modern Area Rugs

It is complicated to decide which contemporary rug is right for your home. With all of the options, deciding which one is right for you can be tricky. Contemplate pairing with more eclectic furniture and accessories. Contemporary bold rugs are more risky, and fun. The rug size is also an important element to factor in. For example, living room rugs need to be large enough to put the legs of each furniture piece on the rug. Placing a rug under the furniture makes the rug appear larger. When placing rugs, do not anchor them under a single furniture piece like a coffee table.

In a bedroom, rugs should run under the bottom two-thirds of the bed. A smaller rug will look like a bathmat in a bedroom. If you have furniture that is more bulky, opt for a rug that has a pattern that covers the entire area of the rug. Arrange the rug so that you can see the entire pattern. If the rug that you have chosen has a pattern that takes a small part of the rug, use this rug with furniture with exposed legs so that you may enjoy the features of both the furniture and the rug.

If your furniture is printed, it is okay to choose printed rugs as well. One style suggestion concerning patterns is to look for a pattern that is different size than the rest of the furniture patterns. The smaller pattern will function as the background, while the larger pattern pops. If you feel like you know your personal style, choosing between contemporary and traditional rugs is an obvious choice.

If you are not sure which one you should choose, you should look around your space, and take inventory of your furniture. You must ask yourself the following questions. What are you trying to say with the space? How do you want to feel when you enter? Answering these questions can help you decide which style is right for you.

The Modern Transitional Area Rugs

Modern transitional area rugs can be more difficult to define, because they contain elements of both traditional and contemporary rugs. Many are comfortable with the transitional rug because they do not need to choose one extreme or the other. Because transitional rugs combine likable elements of contemporary and traditional styles, they can fit easily into many different homes.

Transitional rugs often present as traditional with a modern twist. For example, you will see elements of the traditional coexisting with elements of contemporary rugs. You will see fabrics that mimic hand carving. Many have asymmetrical design elements and impressionistic style. Transitional rugs give the comforting style of the traditional without the formal look.

Modern Transitional Area Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Transitional Area Rug #60973

Some of the modern transitional area rugs will leave off the border making it less organized and less formal. Some will be less intricate in embroidering. Many present with fewer colors and less contrasting colors. Transitional color palettes are clean and crisp. The looks are more relaxed and subtle lacking the boldness of the contemporary area rugs. Soft carpets and warm wooded flooring pair well with transitional area rugs. Transitional rugs are considered to be the perfect combination of masculine and feminine features.

As stated previously, transitional rugs pair well with soft colors and warm wood tones. Low contrasting patterns coupled with soft tones brings a sophisticated comfortable look. Transitional rugs also fit well with a simplistic look. For example, a transitional area rug would go well in a room with simple curtains and furniture with very few bold accessories or an accent wall.

Transitional rugs are great with clean white decor, and they can help to soften the dark tones of wood floors. They go well over white carpet or to add depth or texture to a room. Transitional rugs usher in cushy, comfortable and relaxing vibes. Use in rooms where you expect peace and tranquility such as the bedroom, the nursery, and the library.

If you are looking for the benefits of a rug without the noise that the traditional and contemporary rug might bring, then a transitional rug may be right for you. The balance of a transitional area rug offers the best of both the traditional and contemporary styles and flexibility of mixing it up. The transitional rug brings subtle options if you can simply not choose between the two. If you simply can not choose between the traditional or contemporary rugs, the simplistic neutrality of transitional rugs may be just what you need for your living space.

Modern Rugs to Define Space Nazmiyal

Modern Rugs can be used to define a space.

Let Nazmiyal Help You Find the Right Modern Rug

In addition to using the rug style guide to help find out what type of rug is best for your home, take a good look at the space that you are trying to complete. Consider how you use the space and how you might transition through that space while you are living in your home. Then allow a design expert at Nazmiyal help you find the rug that would be best to fit into your living space. Choosing a rug is not a task that you will have to go at alone. A rug can add that zest to a dull room to liven it up. It can add that warmth that you need for a comfortable, warm, and inviting living space. You can change the entire character of a space simply by adding / changing the rug.

You make a small room appear larger, and a large room more defined. Determine what it is you want to accomplish in your space, and then let us help you obtain your design goals. Contact Nazmiyal today to let us help you determine what will fit your unique style. We have it all: traditional, abstract contemporary, and transitional. Let us help you source the area rugs you need to make that perfect addition to the rooms in your home.

This interior deign blog post about the different Modern Area Rug Styles was published by Nazmiyal Rugs

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