Interior Design Trends: Modern Chandeliers

Interior Design Trends with Modern Chandeliers

Modern Chandeliers – Let there be light. AND thus, it was spoken. Modern interior design trends are showcasing some beautiful art nouveau takes on lighting, and in particular, revamps are being made to the traditional classic lighting staple, chandeliers.

Chandeliers are a true testament of refined class and elegance showcasing fine crystals and decadent decor. However, modern times are calling for a new take on these timeless pieces by bringing the bling back in full force with new shapes, pseudo-invisible wiring, and hints of vibrant color options.

Tribeca Banqueting Modern Chanderlier by Nazmiyal
Tribeca Banqueting Modern Chanderlier

Modern chandeliers are shining throughout 2012 as a beautiful focal point and avant-garde twist that takes elegant decor to the next level. Certain shapes are still focusing on the tiered drop with new textural elements ranging from Swarovski crystals to geometric mirrored pendants to razor clam shells or mock opulent opal circles.

By incorporating these new textures and materials, the modern chandelier is learning from its past success and bringing beauty back into the future.

Verner Panton Pendant Modern Chandelier by Nazmiyal
Verner Panton Pendant Modern Chandelier

Shape is also key for the modern chandelier. Whether we’re focusing on more angular rectangles with clean lines or a full spiral that screams chic status, the modern chandelier is clearly out doing itself with all of its futuristic renovations.

Other designers are going for more sculptural pieces perfectly fusing metal work with deliciously decadent floral or vine motifs. There is something to be truly said on how the chandelier is more than just a lighting fixture. When, in fact, chandeliers are clearly extravagant works of art that combine beauty and severe sophistication.

Modern Chandeliers - Micron Lighting Chandelier by Nazmiyal
Modern Chandeliers – Micron Lighting Chandelier

Lastly, a trend to focus on is the idea of “invisible” wiring or hanging sources. Modern wiring is showing off clear and “fishing line”-esque use in creating an optical illusion of floating orbs. The whim brought on by this trend truly stuns, awes, and shocks the design world and homeowners that require a double take whilst gazing at the playful quality of such design.

Go out and grab yourself a modern chandelier to really liven up the home and take design to the next level. Oh, and be sure to DEFINITELY leave the lights on.

Modern Tiered Chrome Chandelier by Nazmiyal
Modern Tiered Chrome Chandelier
Modern Chandelier Spiral Crystal Orb by Nazmiyal
Modern Chandelier Spiral Crystal Orb

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