1st Dibs Declares Nazmiyal “A Rug Collection Like No Other”

1stDibs’ Introspective Magazine Reviews Jason Nazmiyal’s Rug Collection

In June 2020, 1st Dibs’ Introspective online magazine published a discussion of Nazmiyal’s vast rug collection and what makes it so spectacular. The article discusses the timelessness of the rugs in the collection as well as the huge variety that can be found at Nazmiyal.

Nazmiyal Collection Nazmiyal

Nazmiyal’s collection.

Author Tim McKeough explains how vast the collection at Nazmiyal is, with the collection ranging from anything from 17th century Persian Kerman carpets, to Marta Maas Fjetterstrom‘s mid century textiles, to art rugs from the biggest names like Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miro. The article emphasizes how this comes from Jason Nazmiyal’s personal taste, as well. The key to his huge collection is that he really does love everything. His varied taste doesn’t sit in one single category of rugs or textiles. Instead, he appreciates pieces ranging from 3rd century Coptic textiles to mid century retro Scandinavian rugs.

McKeough points out that this is what makes Nazmiyal so appealing to such a wide range of customers. Not only does the collection sell to homeowners directly, but is a favorite source for designers. Top names in the industry such as Michael S. Smith, Thomas Jayne, and Victoria Hagan are repeat customers who trust the quality and beauty of the Nazmiyal Collection. These designers note that Nazmiyal is a unique dealer in their understanding of the multiple values of a rug. Not only do they focus on the technical qualities, like the knot count, but place a heavy focus on the artistic value.

Jason Nazmiyal’s history is discussed and McKeough makes the connection between Nazmiyal’s hard work and experience and the collection’s success. Jason does come from Tehran, Iran, but his success came from his own ideas and work rather than an inheritance. After coming to America after the Iranian Revolution around 1980, Jason, his brother, and his cousin opened up a rug shop in Short Hills, New Jersey. With no prior experience, they were learning and growing every day. Their customer base grew larger and larger. They expanded to Morristown, New Jersey, and eventually to midtown Manhattan, where their iconic showroom is today. The business slowly expanded from supplying to dealers wholesale to providing rugs to everyone from private consumers to designers.

1st Dibs Jason Nazmiyal

1st Dibs Jason Nazmiyal

Jason’s background in computer science made him a pioneer in selling rugs in the digital age. Before anyone ever thought it possible to sell a rug online, he saw the opportunity. Nazmiyal’s business began to flourish with the implementation of SEO driven informative articles. Not only did this turn out to be a smart move at the time, but has been a huge part of keeping the business accessible to customers during the current pandemic.

All in all, McKeough’s article gives a thorough examination into Nazmiyal’s background and evolution. These elements pointed out are what makes the business so wildly successful and popular among everyone from homeowners to designers.

What is 1st dibs?

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Some people refer to 1st dibs as the high-end, luxury, curated, exclusive and vetted version of the online Ebay marketplace.

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This rug blog about 1st Dibs Introspective article was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs.

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