Vintage Judaic Purim Scene Tapestry Rug 48551

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Size: 6 ft x 3 ft 9 in (1.83 m x 1.14 m)
Origin: Israeli Rugs
Style: Tapestry

A Beautifully Artistic Vintage Judaica Purim Scene Tapestry Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Israel Rugs, Circa Date: Vintage Mid 20th Century – This magnificent tapestry in vibrant happy jewel tone colors represents a treasured piece of Jewish history. This mid century tapestry tells the tale of Purim. The story takes place in the Achaemenid Persian Empire and is found in the Biblical Book of Esther. The story tells the tale of the miraculous deliverance of the Jewish people from Haman, the Persian minister who was hell bent on killing them all. However, Haman’s plans were foiled by Mordecai and Esther, who hid her Jewish identity and was now the Queen of Persia. The day of the miracle is celebrated with feasting and much rejoicing by the Jewish community.

This day is celebrated with the exchanging of gifts, dressing up, donating to charity, recitation of the story, prayers, and a celebratory meal and drinks. This Purim Scene tapestry would make a wonderful addition to any home. In this celebratory tapestry, on the left side, we see a rendering of the scene where Haman is forced to parade the victorious Mordecai through the street Persian capital city of Shushan. As we move to the right, we see the people prepare for the journey and celebrate the heroic deeds of Esther and Mordecai, who set them free. A magnificent Jewish menorah design tree stands in the center of the village, representative of the future generations that were also spared by her deeds. It also stands as a symbol of the strength and resilience of the Jewish people.

The bright colors of the of this magnificent Judaica rug embody a sense of celebration and the vibrancy of life. Another interesting characteristic of the tapestry rug is that it was woven with the design facing horizontally. The weaving progresses from end to end, meaning the rug weaver worked the design sideways. The people are represented in a way that celebrates many different ethnicities and national origins, showing that in the end, we are all one.

The design motifs and rug color choices are distinctively vintage mid century modern and have an abstract quality about them. The beautiful vibrant colors and intriguing details of this design embody a feeling of happiness and joy that are the essence of the Purim celebration. This is an essential Israeli rug for any Purim celebration and is a magnificent piece of Judaic textile art.

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