Fine Biblical Adam and Eve Scene Turkish Pictorial Antique Silk Rug 48890


Size: 7 ft x 5 ft (2.13 m x 1.52 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

A lovely cream, yellow and gold Biblical scene is spelled out across this antique Turkish rug. The setting depicts the story of the Garden of Eden, conveyed from right to left. At the far side of this antique rug, a serpent tempts Eve, below an elaborate tree of fruit, upon which colorful birds perch. This tale is anchored within an idyllic, pastoral garden, which is centered with an island separated from a forest by a thin stream. A menagerie of creatures, including deer, tigers and lions, coexist peacefully. Lush reeds ring this stretch of land, thinning at the side to lead to another isle, which boasts a proud elephant. A set of lavish borders encloses the central panel, orange and cream like antique gold. The central strip of this beautiful antique silk rug bears ornate flowering knot-work, delicate blossoms linked by twining stems and jutting leaves.

Fine Adam and Eve Biblical Scene Turkish Pictorial Antique Silk Rug That Depicts The Story of The Banishment From The Garden Of Eden, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Turkish Rug, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – Turkish pictorial rugs hold a special place in any collection. This brilliant antique Turkish rug, that was woven in silk, depicts a scene from the story of Adam and Eve in the biblical book of Genesis. This fascinating antique rug combines three different scenes that complete the story of the Temptation and Fall from Innocence.

The story in this silk rug reads from right to left. One might notice that most of the animals are marching left, but not all of them. The story begins on the right hand side of the biblical rug. The first figure you encounter is Eve, who is being tempted by the serpent. Next, the scene moves along to another figure of Eve, at which point she has picked the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and is handing it to Adam. In the next scene, both she and Adam realize they are naked and are attempting to cover themselves and hide from a band of angels that is swooping in. In the next scene, we see that Adam and Eve are clothed and are being escorted out of the Garden of Eden by an angel with a sword.

Aside from the fascinating rendition of the story of mankind’s fall from grace, this antique rug is an exquisitely detailed piece of work. Silk lends itself to being spun into fine threads, which give the weaver the ability to include a high level of detail in the piece. In addition, silk has a sheen that does not fade over time. In this area rug, this sheen of the yellow silk almost makes the piece look as if it is metallic. The main border of the biblical rug continues the theme of the plants and abundance found in the Garden of Eden.

This is an excellent and fascinating antique pictorial silk Adam and Eve rug from the late 19th century. It is in remarkable shape and is well preserved. This rug tells a classic story that is recognized by many cultures around the world. This old testament rug is a special piece that deserves a special place in any collection.

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