Vintage Red Verner Panton “Kreis” Textile 47707


Size: 3 ft 10 in x 3 ft 10 in (1.17 m x 1.17 m)

Futuristic Vintage Mid-Century Modern Verner Panton “Kreis” Textile In Red, Origin: Denmark, Circa: Middle part of the 20th Century – The intense, dramatic red color is the most prominent feature of this remarkable textile from Danish interior and furniture designer, Verner Panton. This textile is composed of individual shapes which combined, form other patterns within the same space and is appealing for its visual power and versatility. Nine circles exist within a red square, divided into three rows. Five of these circles use the darkest to lightest gradient and four circles use the inverted formula of the lightest to darkest colors. Collectively, these circles form additional shapes inside the frame. The four circles with the lightest colored outlines create a sort of cross shape, each one occupying the middle spots in the row. The circles with the darkest outlines create a kind of X shape.

This gorgeous red vintage textile fabric by Verner Panton is an essential for the mid century modern rugs and art lover and collector. Panton’s interiors are lively and optimistic. He often worked with psychologists to understand how color affects human emotion. The scale of the circles and the color gradient, work to create movement in both the horizontal and vertical directions.

The bold red circular patterns of this vintage textile art piece have an organic yet modern feel. It is the perfect size for framing as a piece of classic mid century art or modernist type of tapestry art. It would make an excellent complement to a minimalist or Scandinavian modern interior.

This textile is a colorful and contemporary piece from a mid century artist who remains popular for creating both futuristic and retro-influenced room designs. If your style is streamlined and features modern steel and glass, this red color vintage Verner Panton “Kreis” textile will add color to the design, while still allowing you to preserve the simple lines of the space.

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