Vintage Jewel Tone Swedish Rya Shag Rug 71114

Size: 4 ft 10 in x 6 ft 6 in (1.47 m x 1.98 m)
Style: Rya Rugs

Charming Vintage Jewel Tone Swedish Rya Shag Rug, Country of Origin: Scandinavia, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – When many people think of vintage Swedish Rya area rugs, they think of what became known as “vintage shag carpets” of the 1960’s and 1970’s, but these vintage Swedish rugs have been produced in Scandinavia since about the mid-12th century. The long pile was more than likely a copy of the eastern pile and Persian rugs to which the Vikings were exposed. The Rya technique remained the same, but the designs evolved throughout the centuries to become what we know them as today.

Scandinavian rugs played an important role in mid-20th century interior design. They were often created in whimsical and modern designs that provided an element of surprise in mid-century modern decor. This brilliant happy colorful jewel tone rug is a beautiful example of this design concept that is also a perfect element to add color to contemporary decor. If you are a person who loves color in your space, this inspired vintage pop art rug should satisfy you. The delightful rainbow background and geometric shapes make this a versatile and playful addition to your home.

Vintage Swedish Rya rugs are known for their soft feel underfoot and long pile. This one is small enough to be used as a special accent rug or as a wall hanging tapestry rug. Either way, it will add playfulness and energy to the space. It will add a pop of color in a neutral space and makes the perfect inspiration for adding colorful accents to distribute the brilliant tones throughout the room.

If your design taste is on the vibrant and energetic side, this vintage Swedish shag rug is the perfect piece. If you have an authentic collection of midcentury modern pieces, this rug is essential. Now, designers are using vintage pieces as inspiration for modern furniture designs. This captivating Swedish Rya rug will give a retro space an authentic touch and is a remarkable happy rug that is sure to bring a smile to everyone who sees it.

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