Plush Ivory Wool Pile Vintage Mid Century Modern Tribal Moroccan Berber Area Rug 47956


Size: 4 ft 4 in x 10 ft (1.32 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

An energetic vintage carpet, this mid-century Moroccan rug is an excellent example of the timeless allure of color and abstraction.

Classic Tribal Design Vintage Moroccan Berber Rug, Country / Origin: Morocco, Date: Mid-Twentieth Century – Here is a fetching and exciting vintage rug – a mid-twentieth century Berber carpet, woven in Morocco during the middle decades of the twentieth century. In recent years, authentic vintage carpets such as this energetic example have been in exceptional demand, prized for their minimalist and abstract aesthetic tendencies. This particular example beautifully communicates both of these qualities: for it boasts the elegant, minimalist design structure  of an ivory field crisscrossed with detail lines that characterized many mid-century Moroccan rugs; and it also boasts an exciting and highly eccentric color pallet, in which the line work is rendered in a range of tones, from red, to yellow, to blue, with the traditional brown also appearing. An energetic piece, this vintage Moroccan rug is an excellent example of the timeless allure of color and abstraction.

This beautiful vintage mid century Moroccan rug is an excellent example of the fine weaving and storytelling tradition of the Berber rug weavers. This beautiful and primitive vintage mid century modern rug is more than just an abstract piece of artwork. The weavers of the Berber tribes used these tribal rugs to tell the story of their lives. Each line and design symbol has a special meaning that creates a type of autobiography and provides a deep cultural connection to the people.

The rug pattern and design is based on a diamond configuration with colorful lines and special symbols throughout. The main background of the vintage shag rug is in ivory color, but it has splashes of warm rustic colors everywhere you look. These magnificent and carefully selected accent colors, that are so beautifully rendered in this rug from Morocco include touches of turquoise, reds, oranges, browns and greys. These more saturated color tones are combined in such a way that the lines reveal incredible detail upon closer inspection.

The design of this fascinating shag pile Moroccan Berber rug is asymmetrical with no clear center point either vertically or horizontally. The design is more heavily weighted on one end, growing less dense towards the other end of the vintage mid century modern rug. This shag textured Moroccan rug will add interest to any minimalist, modern, Scandinavian, or contemporary interior design. The free flowing nature of the lines featured in this spectacular shag pile Moroccan Berber rug gives it an organic quality that reminds one of the tribal roots of the highly artistic folk art rugs.

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