Antique Turkish Oushak Rug With Arts and Crafts Design 49146

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Size: 8 ft 4 in x 17 ft 3 in (2.54 m x 5.26 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Bright vermilion, vivacious orange and soft cream tones frame around each other in this beautiful Oushak rug.

Beautiful Ivory Background Arts and Crafts Design Antique Turkish Oushak Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Turkish Rug, Circa  Date: Late 19th CenturyTurkish Oushak rugs are a favorite among collectors because of their extraordinary range of colors and designs. Oushak carpets range from those resembling formal city carpets that are crafted with precision to those that have a more tribal flavor and appeal. This gorgeous piece from the later part of the 19th century has the formal layout and symmetry of a city carpet, but it also has a technique that lets you know it is a village carpet. This technique gives it a distinctive Arts and Crafts character.

During the end of the 19th century, Oushak weavers were enjoyed a European and American market that was hungry for their works. They incorporated traditional tribal motifs and designs, but sometimes, they altered them to meet the demands of their market. The Arts and Crafts movement was an answer to the mass-produced, manufactured goods that were felt to be stark and cold by some. It was a move towards unique pieces that showed the human touch. The movement was characterized by works that had a more primitive, homespun feel to them.

This Turkish rug uses bold tribal colors that would fit perfectly into Boho chic décor. The pile of the rug is left long, which gives it a soft texture and allows the lines of the design to gently shift into the colors around it. The motifs consist of primitive shapes and solid colors. These techniques add to the Arts and Crafts feel of the carpet, and also give it an eclectic, tribal feel.

Area rugs like this could be used as the foundation for a number of contemporary room styles. Of course, it would be the perfect addition to a historic Arts and Crafts home, but it is also suited for rooms with a modern style, too. Tribal rugs are finding their way into modern styles, such as Scandinavian modern, retro-inspired, and eclectic styles, where they create a cozy and soulful feeling in the room. If you are buying rugs, this would be the perfect rug to serve as the centerpiece of the interior design.

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