Large Decorative Antique Persian Malayer Rug 71525

Size: 10 ft 7 in x 19 ft 5 in (3.23 m x 5.92 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Large and Decorative Antique Persian Malayer Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1900 — An exceptionally fine display of complex angular geometry defines this exquisite Malayer rug. The antique Persian Malayer rug’s outer border of mingled gold and brown fences a fiery red and gold design. An elegant motif of interlocking blooms follows. It is then that the rug’s marvelous display of floral-inspired geometry first becomes apparent. Precise, dramatic angles and painstaking symmetry contrast with a secondary pattern of delicate blooms. This floral fence frames the piece’s stunning autumnal heart. Cream, pale gold, and rich shades of earthy brown overlay the carpet’s bold scarlet foundation. Natural, flowing floral motifs create a striking contrast to the masterful geometrical symmetry of this elegant and striking statement antique rug.

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