Lavender Color Rugs

Some area rugs for your lavender color interior:

Soothing Lavender Interior Design

Often, people associate lavender with a sense of calm and serenity. The lavender flower itself is often dried or turned into oil, and is used in home and personal care products for the relaxing, calming scent. However, lavender isn’t only known as calming for its soothing smell, but also for being a relaxing color to look at. As such, lavender color rugs and lavender interior design has become popular for creating zen interior spaces with lots of life.

The Color Lavender

Lavender is a variant of the color purple, obtained by mixing blue and red from the color wheel. Purple has more blue tones than violet, and since lavender is a purple varient, it too is on the more blue side. To tint down from purple to lavender, however, white must be added to lighten the color. Colors that are lighted tinted are generally considered to be more relaxing, peaceful, unobtrusive colors.

Something you should consider when planning your lavender interior design is what colors go well with lavender. To start, consider color theory. On the color wheel, yellow is the color complementary to purple. So with lavender, a sun washed, light tinted yellow is a scientific match. However, if you’re not going for a bold look, you may want to skip the yellow. Consider purple’s analogous colors, like red purple and blue purple.

Combining the three together (albeit tinted lighter, since we’re discussing lavender) is another match made in color-theory heaven. Combining these different shades gives your space depth and visual interest.

Lavender Interior Design Colors Nazmiyal

In interior design, consider lavender as well as its analogous colors.

Lavender Color in Interior Design

Lavender is the perfect color for decorating with so many different uses. It truly can be used anywhere in the home, from the kitchen to the kid’s room.

There are a myriad of ways to incorporate lavender into your interior design, whether you choose to incorporate the color into your whole space or add accent touches here and there. For a bold, maximalism look, let your imagination soar and use lavender wherever you see fit, whether that’s on the walls, the sofa, the art on the walls, incorporating lavender color rugs or anything else all together.

Use different shades of lavender to add more texture. For a sleek, modern look, use lavender as an accent color on a neutral palette.

Lavender Interior Design Maximalist Nazmiyal

Going “all out” with lavender can look beautiful: use it on the walls, furniture, and anywhere else.

How to Incorporate Lavender In Your Home Decor

Since lavender itself is a flower as well, the first and most obvious design choice is to use lavender and florals together in your design. This can be accomplished in many different ways. You can go the literal route, and place bouquets (whether real or fake) of lavender flowers on end tables in the living room, on the dresser in the bedroom, or on counters in the kitchen. You can also consider incorporating lavender florals in other ways, like a painting of lavender on the walls. Another great way to get the look is floral patterned textiles. This can be in the form of upholstery on couches and chairs, or throw pillows and blankets, or lavender color rugs on the floor.

Besides the color theory matches discussed earlier, there are other colors that go great with lavender. If you’re trying to keep things modern and neutral, you may not want to go all out with adding yellow or more shades of purple. If that’s the case, consider some more toned down options. Silver is a color that goes excellently with lavender. Choose metallic accents in your lavender space such as a chandelier or silver furniture legs.

Lavender and Silver Interior Design Nazmiyal

Silver goes well with lavender in interior design.

Similar to silver, grey goes well with lavender decor as well. Opt for grey over silver if you are going for a look that is more serious and clean. The sky is the limit with shades of grey: anything from just off-white to nearly black will work with lavender. Think about grey furniture or even grey walls. A grey throw pillow on a lavender sofa, or vice versa, is a great look. The possibilities are endless.

Lavender colors work especially well in a kid’s room or a nursery, since it is a little brighter than the neutral tones we often use in other areas of the house. Magical lavender is inspiring and works perfect in any aspect of the room, from bedding to the wall color to the dollhouse.

Lavender Nursery Interior Design Nazmiyal

Lavender is a great color for the nursery.

Since, like we said before, lavender is a zen color, incorporate it anywhere in your home that you want to have an extra dose of calm. You can make it your overarching design choice, or just add bits of it here and there for some relaxing inspiration. However you choose to incorporate it, you can’t go wrong!

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