Tribal Antique Caucasian Shirvan Rug 44502


Size: 1 ft 7 in x 7 ft 8 in (0.48 m x 2.34 m)

Crafted in the late 19th century, this stunning antique Russian Shirvan runner features a graphic assortment of traditional patterns, textures and techniques.

Antique Caucasian Shirvan Rug, Origin: Caucasus, Circa: Late 19th Century – This enrapturing antique Shirvan rug showcases a beautifully varied and complex composition that incorporates an iconic selection of classical Caucasian rug details. The epic structure features a stunning selection of iconic reds, polychromatic blues, soft yellows and clear whites that are such attractive features among regional carpets. The delightful runner-style format is bookended by impressively detailed khorjin compartments. Each segment features a fantastic repeating pattern of delicate boteh-like bouquets surrounded by multiple sets of lush curvilinear borders. These decorative compartments lead to a series of magnificent flat-weave Kilim segments that incorporate a tremendous assortment of symbolic burdock motifs with rectilinear limbs. The compartmental composition on this antique rug balances the elongated runner format while highlighting the beautiful assortment of traditional motifs, graphic scorpion figures and strong hourglasses that decorate the ornate central compartment.

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