Heimtextil Forecasting 2013 Textile Trends

2013 Textile Trends Heimtextil Forecast

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What is Heimtextil?

Heimtextil is an international trade fair for home and contract textiles. It is one of the world’s largest and most important events in the textile industry, primarily focused on home and interior textiles.

Heimtextil takes place annually in Frankfurt, Germany, and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. The fair showcases a wide range of textile products for the home, including bed linens, towels, curtains, upholstery fabrics, carpets, rugs, and other decorative textiles.

The event provides an opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, interior designers, and other industry professionals to showcase their latest collections, network, and explore the latest trends and innovations in the textile market.

As the textile industry is constantly evolving, it’s possible that there have been updates or changes related to Heimtextil since my last knowledge update. To get the most current and detailed information about the event, I recommend checking the official Heimtextil website or other reputable sources for the latest updates.

What textile colors, designs, patterns and cuts does Heimtextil claim will be popular in 2013?

Wondering what cuts, colors, patterns and prints will define 2013 in home textiles? For answers, look no further than the annual Heimtextile fair. The industry’s barometer for textile trends has a spot-on record for predicting the most sought after selections for the year ahead. And this time, they’ve unveiled a surprisingly multi-layered trend that puts value at the forefront of what’s hot.

“During the trend meeting of Heimtextil it was clear that the emotional value of environments and design products is of growing importance,” said Anne Marie Commandeur, designer and managing director of Stijlinstituuts Amsterdam, one of the six international forecasters that made up the 2013/2014 panel.

“Consumers are looking for solutions rather than stuff. Products have to add value to their life, and they are better informed and more critical then ever.”

In an sweeping trend they call Being, Heimtextile 2013/2014 predicts home textiles will reflect our complex lifestyles. Defined as “who we are and how we live,” the trend is broken down into four categories based on different definitions of value.  The categories are as much an insight into different design ideals, as individual psyches.

Textile Trends for 2013 by nazmiyal

Textile Trends for 2013

Take the the ‘historian,’ for example. A treasurer of the past who prefers artisanal touches and shades of value in the home, these types likely hold onto old school traditions in their life practices.

There’s also the ‘eccentric,’ the traveler and collector, who craves exotic crafted textiles and a palate of passion. The ‘inventor,’ who is an intelligent, free thinker who prefers power colors and decorative and dimensional textiles. And, the ‘geologist,’ a  nature lover whose fabrics are bark-like, with natural hues that live.

By tailoring textiles to a client’s personality, the feeling of connectedness grows. And, according to Heimtextile, it is that relationship that determines value, and a successful interior design project.

Check out the video below for more on the Heimtextile 2013/2014 trends.

This design blog about the Heimtextil textile trends was published by: Nazmiyal Rugs

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