Embargo Lifted On Persian Rugs In Iran

Breaking News: Embargo on Persian Rugs Lifted

Embargo on Persian Rugs Lifted in Iran has Changed Everything The embargo on Persian rugs lifted in Iran has made it easier for collectors to buy and sell these beautiful rugs to individuals in other countries who appreciate and cherish their beautiful qualities. Previously, Persian carpets were caught in the middle of an ongoing international struggle […]

Albert Karmeli Nazmiyal

Remembering: Albert Karmely

We’ll Always Remember Albert Karmely It saddens us to inform you that earlier this week, Albert Karmely, one of the most well-respected and influential rug experts in the world has passed away. As we continue to mourn this very significant loss, we will always remember Karmely for all of the extraordinary milestones he has achieved throughout his lifetime of phenomenal work in the […]

George Caleb Bingham Landscape Painting: Rural Scenery - nazmiyal

George Caleb Bingham Most Famous Paintings At The Met

Navigating the West: Famous Paintings By George Caleb Bingham at the Met Museum George Caleb Bingham famous paintings at the Met — The first major American artist known to be based in the west of the Mississippi River, George Caleb Bingham painted many compelling true-to-life paintings depicting the frontier life along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. His works […]