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Rug on Carpet Interior Design Guide

If you are decorating a room with a rug, you are likely placing it over a hardwood floor. In some cases, you may be using a rug with another hard floor type such as tile or even a patio. However, most people would never dream of using a rug over carpet. It seems to fly in the face of rug use conventions. Despite this, layering rugs with other rugs or carpets is growing increasingly popular.

Why Decorate With A Rug On A Carpet?

Most wall to wall carpeting is fairly boring. In large rooms, a sea of bland carpet color can leave the room looking far from beautiful. However, adding an handwoven rug can help you to add a new element of visual interest to the room. These are a few reasons you may want to layer a rug:

  • Divide a Room: Area rugs are frequently used to divide rooms and create distinct areas. This is as true for layering over a carpet as it is for a hardwood floor. Simply place the rug in a section you want to designate as a seating area, for example.
  • Enhance the Color Scheme: Is your carpet a little bland? Many carpets, especially in rental spaces, are dull colors such as beige or gray. A rug could help make that carpeted room much more colorful. It also gives you a chance to accentuate other colors in your room such as some tones from your artwork.
  • Create Visual Order: Part of great interior design is creating a sense of order, so the eye knows where to look. You can use a rug as a focal point to center the room. Alternatively, use a large rug over your carpet. This will create a border around the outside of the room, adding a strong sense of geometry.
  • Design Unique Styles: Layering rugs over carpet can help you make some interesting styles that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. This is especially true for using two rugs but is also doable with carpet. There is a little more about mixing patterns below. However, the short version is that you can get experimental with this design technique.
Layering Rug Over Carpet Nazmiyal

Layering a rug on carpet can make the room look great.

In short, adding a rug to a carpeted room is a lot like adding a rug to a hardwood room. The rug continues to serve the same purpose of adding order, comfort and design. The only major difference is that you need to remember the carpet in your design planning.

Considerations for Layering a Rug Over Carpet

As you may expect, layering a rug over carpet is not as simple as just putting it on the floor. The following considerations should guide your selection and placement choices.

Getting The Correct Sizing Of The Area Rug On Top Of The Carpet

Getting any room right depends on having the right rug size. This is perhaps truer when placed over a carpet. If you are using an area rug, make sure that it is large enough to reach the furniture around the area. If it is just floating in the middle of the space, it will look awkward and out of place. Conversely, make sure that it doesn’t stretch beyond the area. This will also make it look like it was poorly chosen.

If the rug is covering a larger portion of the room, try sizing it by measuring the carpet and subtracting two or three feet from each dimension. This will leave an attractive border around the outside.

Layering Rug Over Carpet Nazmiyal

Consider the size of the rug you layer to make the room look put together.

Getting The Right Textured Rug For The Right Carpet

If you want a carpet or large rug to work with another rug, the textures need to complement each other. Typically, this technique works best if the bottom layer has short piles or loops. A flat-woven bottom layer can work too. Add a thicker rug to the top to create an interesting texture contrast. Alternatively, you can match the textures more closely but use the color and design to create contrast. The trick here is to avoid having too much going on visually. If everything has a thick texture, bold pattern and bright colors, it will look like a mess.

Rug on Carpet Layering Nazmiyal

Rug on Carpet Layering

Consider The Color Palette The Carpet and Of The Area Rug

Speaking of color, the design textures need to complement each other also. The safer version of this technique involves layering bright colors over subtle colors or vice versa. Similarly, patterns should not be meshed according to conventional wisdom. However, some people have been experimenting with combining bold rug colors and patterns.

Don’t be deceived, this is very hard to get right. However, when done properly, it can look incredible and unique.

Area Rug on Carpet Living Room Decor Nazmiyal

Area Rug on Carpet Living Room Decor

Find Your Rug for Layering Over Carpet

At Nazmiyal, we have a wide selection of antique, vintage and modern rugs to choose from. Whether you want an area rug for your hardwood or a rug for layering over your carpet, we have a piece that can work for you. Our collection includes accessible rugs you can use for floor covering and investment rugs. If you need help, you can connect with our experts for guidance and advice. Explore the collection today and find the perfect rug for your needs.

Some great modern, vintage, and antique options for those looking to decorate with a rug over carpet:

Shabby Chic Antique Khotan Rug Nazmiyal

Shabby Chic Antique Khotan Rug

Antique Indian Agra Rug Nazmiyal

Antique Indian Agra Rug

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Boho Chic Rug

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Boho Chic Rug

Antique Romanian Bessarabian Kilim Nazmiyal

Antique Romanian Bessarabian Kilim

Modern Expressionist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Expressionist Collection Rug

Vintage Scandinavian Agda Osterberg Kilim Rug Nazmiyal

Vintage Scandinavian Agda Osterberg Kilim Rug

This interior design blog about layering a rug over carpet was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs.

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