Nazmiyal Collection: Acquiring Masterpiece After Masterpiece, Jason Nazmiyal Has Built a Catalogue of Design Paragons

The Art of Curating Design Paragons: Inside Jason Nazmiyal’s Masterpiece Collection

What exactly makes a brand and why do some brands stand the test of time while others dissipate?

Nazmiyal Collection's Team

Nazmiyal’s Team

It is known that “brand” implies value and as such, it is a true shortcut to decision-making. There is no doubt that going to Princeton or Yale offers one not just great educational credentials, but also stellar career prospects. In that sense, both Princeton or Yale “brands” have been successfully positioned in academia for many decades and don’t require further elaboration. You are either a Yale alumnus or you are not.

In a similar vein, Jason Nazmiyal’s company, Nazmiyal Collection, is a “brand” uniquely situated in the market: For more than four decades, Nazmiyal Collection has established itself as the foremost authority in antique, vintage and modern rugs and carpets. There are key points of differentiation that distinguish Nazmiyal Collection among all other rug purveyors worldwide:

Core Essence

The very essence of Nazmiyal Collection is simple and visceral: Behind the breathtaking beauty of each rug there is rich history and heritage. Provenance, style and techniques vary, yet there is style and substance in each and very piece in the collection. The core identifiers for Nazmiyal Collection are timeless, iconic design creations of great importance. Naturally such spectacular offering is as aspirational as it is magnificently inspired.

“Born In USA” Vintage Art Rug By Keith Haring

“Born In USA” Vintage Art Rug By Keith Haring

True Passion For Excellence

With a true love for design and the art of rug making, the staff at Nazmiyal Collection is positively obsessed with excellence. Clients feel this is team they can trust. Nazmiyal collection staples in addition to highly curated lots of mid-century and antique rugs from a variety of estates are offered regularly on an auction setting.

Antique Oversized Arts And Crafts William Morris Rug 49912 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Antique Oversized Arts And Crafts William Morris Rug

Originality And Authenticity

With his multi-year expertise, Jason Nazmiyal is exceptionally connected to dealers globally and is privy to “secrets of the trade”. Originality is guaranteed. Authenticity is certified. Working at the intersection of history, heritage, impeccable craftsmanship and unparalleled quality, Nazmiyal enjoys a worldwide following of design professionals, collectors and consumers. And with regards to customized creations, Nazmiyal offers a singular perspective to personalized, bespoke carpets and rugs.


Good design has always been in high demand. One’s living and working places benefit from a few, considered pieces that are acquired through a dealer one can rely on. The eye has to travel. Everyday living is supremely elevated when the spaces we occupy are not just rooms, but true aesthetic expressions of our individual tastes. From Moroccan and vintage Scandinavian rugs from the mid 20th century to stunning vintage Art Deco rugs, Nazmiyal’s extraordinary selection of vintage rugs serves as a reference to design experts and customers all over the world. While original modernist masterpieces are in extremely limited supply, thanks to cutting edge innovation Nazmiyal is uniquely positioned to satisfy the needs of clients in search of simple, abstract, modernist-style carpets and rugs.

Interior Design Antique Chinese Rug by Coco & Kate Design

Interior Design Antique Chinese Rug by Coco & Kate Design

In Good Company

Nazmiyal Collection as a bona fide interiors force also boasts one-of-a kind strategic assets: Jason has always engaged great human talent. His staff comprises the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Everyone in this unique team has been with the company for a long time and they all share a strong passion for excellence. Thus, they are in a great position to offer not only unique value but also educate the consumer on the art and the artistry of rug-making. Whether the client needs clarification pre-purchase, during- or post-purchase, Nazmiyal Collection team is always available to offer advice and expert, informed opinions.

Large Antique Persian Heriz Serapi Rug 48645 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Large Antique Persian Heriz Serapi Rug

At Nazmiyal Collection, it all starts with the heart. Each piece on view has a story to tell. Each pattern, motif, colorway resonates emotions. Nazmiyal Collection features the best of the best.

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