Make 2023 the Year for Better Design Decisions

2023 Better Design Selection

A new year is upon us and everyone is eager to make a fresh new start informed by healthier habits and generally better decisions. A new diet and exercise regimen, a more satisfying job, spending less screen time and more quality time with family and friends… the list goes on and on… Traditionally, a common goal whenever a new year starts is to focus on what we can increase: We want more results and more progress, we want to be faster, thinner, younger and we are willing to pay for it. More horsepower, more money, more houses, more of this and more of that… Consumption gone out of control.

Three years into the pandemic, the maximalist “more is more” mentality is utterly passe’. More is so… 2022. In 2023, the new trend is a renewed focus on what really matters. We now ask for less of X but for a better X; for not as much of Y, but for a richer Y… quantity versus quality. In 2023 we endeavor to solve the ultimate conundrum.

But what about design? How could we possibly apply this practice, improve our home- and office- existence and by extension ameliorate our daily living?

What follows is just a few tried-and-tested guidelines to help navigate 2023 from the point of view of a true aesthete:

Less Is Always More

Stop accumulating objects just because they are easily accessible or cheaply priced. The common saying Buy nice or buy twice applies to everything we consume. A generic rug from Amazon or Ikea will never have the allure of a vintage piece procured by a trusty dealer. Invest in a good rug.

Yawirka Design Kilim Rug By Genaro Rivas 60840 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Yawirka Design Kilim Rug By Genaro Rivas 60840

Choose Good Design. Always. And Immerse Yourself

The eye has to travel and only good design offers a stimulating dialogue with materials and objects. Indulge in aesthetic pleasure. Your home or office should be a sanctuary from a world consumed by knock-offs, fast-produced, inferior furnishings. Just a few exquisite pieces are plenty to transform any space from mediocre, blah, yawn… to Exciting! Stellar! Wow! Artful living is living with extra umph!

Palace Size Antique Persian Bidjar Rug 71773 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Palace Size Antique Persian Bidjar Rug 71773


Eliminate wasteful habits-most inexpensive, bargain-bin purchases have no history, no emotional resonance, no intrinsic value. Landfills are full of sad, synthetic, faux, artificial furnishings that occupied a brief moment in time and they are now unceremoniously discarded, polluting the environment.

Optimize Your Working Space/ Elevate Your Daily Living

The barriers of home and office have been ever-changing and have often become blurred. Those workspaces we inhabit should have those design moments as well and can’t be forgotten. A well appointed office space can elevate your overall business outlook, wherever your professional life leads. Invest in pieces that will add a bit of luxury, depth, and style that you aspire for in your career. And for the time you spend at home, why not indulge in the marvelous ambience only considered decorative additions can create?

A Dealer You Can Trust

Research design periods, art movements and styles you are drawn to, and look for that ideal piece that will change your space into an oasis of beauty. Make informed decisions. Only a trustworthy, honest dealer can provide the right guidance and furnish pieces you will love for the rest of your life. Good dealers offer a practical aesthetic education and provide a lot of inspiration and information to guide you to that iconic piece you have always wanted.

2023 Resolutions

Enjoy everything life has to offer.
Cherish time with family and friends.
Opt for good design. Always.

Posted January 13th, 2023 Written by: Paul Rousseas

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