Choosing Antique Rugs Over Ephemeral Fashion

Why I Choose Antique Rugs Over Ephemeral Fashion?

Recent articles in The Independent (“Balenciaga drops ‘most expensive trash bag in the world’ for $1,790 …” and “Fashion fans confused over £2,000 Louis Vuitton paint can bag”) clamored for click-bait action while questioning the logic behind current brand offerings.

Is fashion still effectively elevating our daily existence, or simply adding to the futility and chaos of conspicuous consumption, not to mention the proverbial landfill? What constitutes a true investment in today’s climate when even some Rolex models seem to have weakened in value?

Piet Mondrain Painting Inspired Fashion and Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Piet Mondrain Painting Inspired Fashion and Vintage Rugs

Don’t get me wrong. As a 22-year veteran in the industry, fashion gigs have afforded me great job satisfaction. They still do. It does seem to me, however, that we have now reached a point of extreme saturation. It is not a question of good taste or bad taste. There is just not taste at all. “Shock value” doesn’t always equal “inspired” or “relevant”. Often it is redundant or lazy masking as avant-garde.

As is the case with every voracious consumer of fashion you have to make choices. Some things you keep, others you let go of easily, seamlessly via the plethora of resale/rental/upcycling platforms for others to experience in an endless proselytism to the nirvana that is a designer brand. At some point one realizes that a trend is just a trend and a long-term investment should transcend the ephemeral character of a fad. So no, I will not be seduced by the Balenciaga leather trash bag, or the $890, 3D-printed resin “Pigeon Clutch” handbag from British fashion brand JW Anderson. I will allow myself to be mesmerized by something more… everlasting.

Chanel Métiers D'art - Marianne Richter Swedish Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Chanel Métiers D’art – Marianne Richter Swedish Rugs

A good strategy has always been to hold on closely to all timeless pieces that transcend trends and have rightly become classics; while responsibly disposing of the rest after having thoroughly enjoyed them. Couture and one-of-a-kind, bespoke garments, classic signature pieces you want to keep, pass on to the next generation, use them to infect your offspring with the same bug, the same bon gout.

Oscar De La Renta - Dior Couture - Modern Turkish Oushak Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Oscar De La Renta – Dior Couture – Modern Turkish Oushak Rugs

This juncture is precisely where I see the connection between Sartorialist pursuits and interior design: The same way I would always enjoy and preserve intact a Chanel suit, a Hermes Kelly bag, a Dior skirt or an Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking jacket, I am always game to fully immerse myself to the romance of a unique, antique rug, its history, the tradition and endless hours of craftsmanship it took to create. A dress or a rug could easily be works of art if they are constructed with true passion. They are imbued with soul. An antique rug, a vintage carpet, is a true game changer. With the right rug, any space (whether it is one’s home or one’s place of work ) is instantly transformed. Rugs have a unique power to upgrade a room making it more special, giving it a singular ambience and with this improved atmosphere, one’s outlook to life also gets better. We all need more beauty and as beauty comes in many forms, we all have a chance to experience it and transform our lives.

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