Silver Metallic and Silk Khotan Rug

Our Latest Wednesday Wishlist Carpet is a Stunning Antique Silk and Silver Metallic Khotan Rug

Every Wednesday, The Nazmiyal Antique Rug Collection features one spectacular example of a hand-made vintage or antique rug from its vast catalog. We select each exquisite carpet based on its aesthetic beauty, conceptual merit, and history. 

This week’s Wednesday Wishlist is a mesmerizing antique Khotan rug. The exquisite fusion of metallic weaving and smooth silk garnished with delicate flowering vines is carefully crafted to depict a stylish narrative of cultural history considerably stitched into every seam.

From the elegance of its rich colors and alluring fabrics to its kaleidoscope of geometric shapes, the beauty of each individual Khotan rug lies in the unique story it tells that traces back to its deep origins.

Antique Metallic Silver Silk Khotan Rug 50286 by Nazmiyal

Antique Metallic Silver Silk Khotan Rug 50286

Born in East Turkestan, Khotan rugs capture the true essence of rich heritage, cultural artistry and fine beauty. It all began in the 18th century during the famous expedition of Italian traveler Marco Polo’s legendary expedition back to China. Instead he settled in Uzbekistan, exposing him to a sea of unique and diverse rug designs and allowing him to easily access the flourishing Asian trade market – consisting of iron, salt and silk. Originally, Khotan rugs were referred to as Samarkand rugs, in which the influence of western oriental techniques is so immense that it was named after the Central Asian trading center.

Inspired by custom design styles from the surrounding areas of China, India and Persia, easy access to a diverse range of textiles and cultural experiences also helped craft the identity of these exceptional antique rugs available around the world today!

This carpet blog was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in New York City.

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