Rare and Soft Pastel Large Antique Indian Agra Rug 48942

Size: 10 ft 8 in x 18 ft 3 in (3.25 m x 5.56 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

A Remarkable Rare and Breathtaking Large Antique Indian Agra Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Indian Rugs, Circa Date: Late 19th century – This remarkably rare large Indian Agra rug is a sight to behold. Like many other stunning Indian pieces, this beauty is designed with elegance in mind. It features an astounding degree of detail, present in every section of the antique rug, from the eclipsing borders to the defining center. Light and breezy shades combine with the carefully chosen warm colors to create an ephemeral environment, one that almost seems to pull the viewer into another world. The colors are skillfully arranged in floral motifs, and the artist creates points of contrast and contact where they can have the most effect. At the very center of this beautiful large rug is a massive mandala, standing like a heavenly focal point to draw the viewer’s attention. Here, strong outlines define its shape, and viewers can enjoy a pleasant transition from the rest of the rug’s details to this elegant display.

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