Vintage Scandinavian Verner Panton Brown and Tan Quadrat Textile 47837


Size: 4 ft x 8 ft 7 in (1.22 m x 2.62 m)

Tan and Brown Vintage Scandinavian Verner Panton “Quadrat” Textile, Country / Origin: Scandinavia, Circa / Date: Mid 20th Century – This Verner Panton textile fabric, called “Quadrat”, features three columns of duplicate squares, in alternating neutral colors. It is a deceptively simple concept upon first viewing. The squares, which are spaced apart proportionately, are inverted mirrors of each other. Whereas the top square fades from the lightest to the darkest colors, the bottom square is reversed and begins with the darkest to the lightest colors of the same palette. Using Panton’s trademark formula of a gradient spaced over eight lines, these colors are soft, earthy and clean. The background has a lighter feel which amplifies the colors of the squares. This textile’s composition is balanced, poised and sublime. Verner Panton was best known throughout his established career for pioneering futuristic and modern designs.

This breathtaking Panton textile is an iconic piece of mid century modern design and artwork.  The soft natural colors of this vintage Kreis textile are earthy yet fresh. The lines are clean, and the gentle curves create a calming zen like feel. It is a beautiful piece for a modern interior to say the least.

Verner Panton is one of the most important and influential artists of the mid-20th century. The Panton Era was defined by his work and innovative design concepts. He used saturated colors, with an attention to precise line and form. His pieces have a three dimensional quality and seem to leap from the flat surface. They also give the illusion and felling of motion.

This piece is from his Kreis series that was created during the mid 20th century. This series used simple squares in a way that creates rhythm and immersive experience for the viewer. His fabrics were created as part of a complete set that included furniture, lighting, accessories and textiles. The textiles played a key role, as well as a fascinating backdrop, in creating this experience.

This textile is rectangular in shape, which makes it perfect for creating a dramatic framed piece to be hung on the wall like a tapestry. It makes a statement, and its clean lines make it perfect for modern interior design. This piece is an authentic piece of vintage textile artwork, which makes it perfect for the retro or retro-inspired room, too. Panton’s pieces are highly collectible, as they are remnants of an important era in design history.

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