Small Vintage Silk Metallic Turkish Hereke Animal Rug 49991

Size: 3 ft 2 in x 5 ft (0.97 m x 1.52 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

A Rare and Breathtaking Small Size Vintage Silk Metallic Turkish Hereke Animal Rug, Country of Origin / Rugs Type: Turkish Rugs, Circa Date:  Vintage / Mid 20th Century – It is difficult to describe the first breathtaking visual impression of this silk metallic vintage Turkish Hereke rug. This vintage mid-20th century modern rug features animals and plants in exquisite detail. Everywhere you look in this metallic and silk rug, it seems that there is a little creature hiding among the branches of the forest.

This diverse menagerie of flora and fauna still retains the traditional artistic form of Turkish rugs. It consists of a field and a border that are separated by burgundy bands. However, at first glance, it seems that these two elements are simply continuation of the other, but if one looks closely, they are two distinctly different designs. This is an unusual treatment of a border and field design but it works wonderfully in the context of this piece.

One has to look closely to distinguish the true artistry and talent of this animal rug. It first appears that the artist did not use vertical or horizontal symmetry, but when viewed from a distance, a sense of balance is present within the piece as a whole. The silk and metallic Hereke animal rug has a color balance that uses areas of light and dark to create a scene that realistically reflects the light and dark places of forests. At the bottom appears to be an area that would represent the forest floor with flowers and smaller members of the animal world.

This silk and metallic thread rug is pictorial and all of the animals are oriented so that there is a distinctive top and bottom to the piece. One might notice that in some cases the artist seemed to defy the laws of scale when it comes to portraying the animals in realistic sizes and proportion to the others, with birds appearing larger than goats in some cases. This gives the Turkish Hereke rug a whimsical and abstract quality.

This vintage Turkish Hereke animal rug is small enough that it could be hung on the wall or used on the floor. This is an amazing small size rug that will add hours of fascination and character to any space.

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