Unusually Fine Rustic and Beautiful Antique Turkish Hereke Rug 72416

Size: 9 ft 9 in x 13 ft 1 in (2.97 m x 3.99 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

This unique antique Oriental Hereke carpet from Turkey is a virtual garden teeming with plants and fruits.

Antique Turkish Hereke Rug, Country Of Origin: Turkey, Circa date: Late 19th Century – This spicy, vibrant rug has a graceful design and an elegant style that is perfect for a formal, contemporary space. Its colors evoke the scent of spices such as cayenne, red pepper, cinnamon, and cider spice. These are among this year’s most popular color trends. This carpet adds the exotic flavors and scents of the caravans that once traveled the Silk Road trading their wares as they went.

This magnificent piece was created in the late 19th century when there was a global revival and renewed taste for all things that added mystique and evoked visions of the Orient. This is a Turkish rug from Hereke, and it has a design that is highly collectible. Hereke is known for its famous carpet industry. It is located near Istanbul on the northern edge of Izmit Bay, which gave them easy access to trade routes.

This particular carpet has a sickle leaf pattern, which is a pattern that is highly desirable among collectors, so much so that they are becoming quite difficult to find. One of the unique characteristics of Hereke carpets is that they were inspired by the traditional motifs and compositions of Turkish carpets, but they often incorporated the curvier designs found in Persian carpets, as you can see from this piece.

Hereke carpets use the Ghiordes knot, which is a double knot that creates an exceptionally durable carpet. The colors of this carpet are as vibrant and gorgeous as they were the day the carpet was created. It’s rich, saturated reds and earthy browns will make a statement in the room.

This would make the perfect boudoir carpet to give the room an Oriental flavor. It would also pair well with fine silks and brocades in intense, lively colors. This piece is a rare find and a spectacular piece for the collector or interior designer who needs a showpiece.

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