Antique Oversized Animal Hunting Scene Turkish Hereke Rug 45620


Size: 17 ft 2 in x 23 ft 9 in (5.23 m x 7.24 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

This magnificent antique Turkish rug from the city of Hereke is a quintessential example of the so-called Emperor’s Carpet type, which is revered for its majesty.

Magnificent And Extremally Impressive Antique Oversized Animal Hunting Scene Turkish Hereke Rug,  Country of Origin / Rug Type: Turkish Rug, Circa Date: 1880 – Produced in the coastal town of Hereke, this quintessential animal hunting carpet brings to life the imperial elegance and stylistic detail that we normally associate with Safavid and Mughal rugs.

This magnificent antique Turkish Hereke rug weaves together a majestic jewel tone colors together with the refined imagery of the animals. The end result is this magnificent and rare antique rug that beautifully illustrates the dichotomy of innocence and harshness that is ever present in the natural world.

In the expansive central field we see beautifully rendered lions and leopards among other carnivorous animals. Some of this animals can be seen in various aspects of the hunt. Some are sneaking up and stalking their prey, while others have already pounced and are in the midst of bringing down their they prized captives.

The field of this jaw dropping antique oversized animal hunting scene Turkish Hereke rug features a cranberry red colored field color while the designs themselves are rendered in light cream and sea foam colors. This combination and play on light neutral colors against a richer red based ground, creates a fascinating juxtaposition that brings everything to life.

These field colors are echoed in alternating ways withing the expansive border. This wide and beautifully rendered border creates the perfect encompassing frame. It compliments and completes the overall artistic impact of this breathtaking antique oversized rug.

The strong borders and noble artistry form a majestic antique Oriental rug that stands as a testament to the extravagant craftsmanship of the rug weavers. This antique oversized animal hunting scene Turkish Hereke rug employs flowing, curvilinear vines and intricate detail throughout to blend artistry and storytelling in a truly unique and eternal decor.

This majestic antique carpet is a total embodiment of imperial culture and elegance that is embraced from the northern latitudes of Europe to the exotic palaces of Mughal India.  This quintessential Turkish animal rug combines storytelling and tradition to create an everlasting work of art. It is a very impressive piece that could be used in a variety of interior decor approaches. Regardless of how one chooses decorate around this antique Turkish rug, it is sure to be one of the most cherished items one could hope to won.

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