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Turkey was one of the first countries to become known for weaving rugs that are now considered some of the finest works of art in the world. Their history of Oriental rug making goes back to the 16th century when these antique rugs became prized by the wealthier classes all around the world. They have a reputation for quality and exquisite designs that makes them stand out and gives them a regal character. Today, Turkish rug weavers continue with this fine tradition of producing artistic masterpieces for modern interiors. Nazmiyal’s collection of modern Turkish rugs captures the charm and elegance that only Turkish rugs can convey, only in a way that is made for modern interiors.

Modern Area Rugs from Turkey by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Area Rugs from Turkey

Modern Turkish Rugs Influenced by History and Tradition

Turkey has a tradition of rug weaving that goes back more than 2000 years, but in the 16th century, the world began to recognize the artistry and beauty of these works. The earliest rugs to make it onto the world stage are believed to be from Oushak. Famous rug designs, like the Lotto rugs, were valued by the merchant class and noblemen during the Italian Renaissance and throughout other areas of Europe.

The basic design approach of the antique and modern Turkish area rugs includes a series of complex borders and a central field with bold designs. One characteristic that sets Turkish rugs apart from area rugs from other regions is that the scale of the designs in the field is larger compared to the overall size of the rug. They tend to be organized by bold geometric shapes, with floral highlights and motifs throughout. The colors of ancient Turkish area rugs are bold and high contrast. This combination of color and design gives them a majestic quality that stands out in the world of rug design.

Many of the designs and colors of the rugs have a significant meaning, at least when they were first created. Some of these meanings are so old that they have been lost, but others continue to convey the same meaning today. Turkish carpets can be divided into two different classes. During the Golden Era of the Ottoman Empire, formal weaving schools and workshops were set up to create carpets and textiles for the Royal Court.

These designs feature curving flowers and vines that include tulips, carnations, and other flowers that have a significant meaning against a geometric background. They are often made with precision and attention to symmetry. The rugs are made with attention to detail and have a formal feel.

The other classification of Turkish rugs is those that were created by the tribes outside of the carpet weaving centers. In these carpets, you can see representations of the motifs of the city carpet designers, only they are often rendered in a way that gives them a more abstract quality. These tribal carpets feature bold designs in geometric shapes that incorporate symbols that go back throughout ancient history. This class of Turkish carpets does not focus on the symmetry or precision of the design. They tend to have a more expressive quality to them.

Modern Turkish Area Rugs Make For Perfect for Modern Interiors

The beautiful modern rugs in Nazmiyal’s modern Turkish rug collection were influenced by both tribal and court carpet designs. The artists relied on abstract designs and border motifs, only they created them in a way that is suitable for a range of modern interior design trends. The modern rugs from Turkey that are part of this collection tend to have a more subdued color palette that focuses on colors found in nature. The garden design rug influenced create a sense of balance and harmony that is perfect for bringing a touch of nature to your interior.

Modern Turkish Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Turkish Rugs

Many of the newly woven rugs in this collection feature a neutral background, such as browns, grays, or greens. The floral designs feature reds, blues, and yellows in every range of the color spectrum. This makes the floral and geometric designs stand out, just as they did in the rugs that inspired them. Many of the rugs in this collection, such as the modern Turkish Oushak rugs, use a border and field design, incorporating many of the formal elements of the ancient masterpieces.

One of the characteristics of antique handmade rugs is that they have what is referred to as “abrash” in the background colors of the rugs. Abrash rugs simply refers to slight color variations and shifts that are due to the natural dye process. The designers of this collection used this feature to create natural shifts in the background colors that soften the character of the rug and give it a harmonious feel. Many of the designs that you will find in this collection have a gentle feel and are perfect for creating a relaxing sanctuary within your home or office.

Bold Style Of Modern Turkish Rugs For Contemporary Designs

In this collection, you will find modern Turkish rugs that honor the ancient traditions, only they present the colors and designs in a way that is bold and modern. Many of the striking pieces in this collection are perfect for placing in front of a solid sofa to create a striking room design. They are also the perfect foundation for a modern glass top table where they will add color and texture to the room.

Some of these area rugs have a distressed appearance that gives them a mysterious and ancient feel. They are an excellent way to give a modern twist to a traditional or transitional interior design. The aged appearance of makes the perfect complement for a room filled with antiques or finely crafted furniture in natural hardwoods. The modern Turkish area rugs are a classic for your country farmhouse or coastal retreat.

Modern Rug From Turkey by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Rug From Turkey

Interior designs that are inspired by the natural world continue to gain in popularity. As we spend more time in the interior spaces of our homes, interior designers and home decorating experts wish to recreate the same feeling of peace that you get when you are in the outdoors. To bring these elements to the interior of the home, they rely on nature-inspired motifs and colors. The tribal character of these modern rugs from Turkey connects them to people who live close to the earth, which makes rugs from this collection perfect for your Bohemian, Eco Chic, Japanese Wabi-Sabi, Swedish modern, or any design that needs a touch of nature.

Modern Turkish Area Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Turkish Area Rugs

The rugs in this collection are created with the same attention to detail and quality that has made Turkish rugs favorites over the centuries. They feature beautiful designs that were inspired by the works of ancient hands. You can find a range of sizes in this collection that is perfect for modern interiors. You can find everything from runner rugs to room size carpets that are perfect for defining a functional space within a larger area.

You can find rugs in this collection that are perfect for the living room, foyer / entryway, hallway, bedroom, game room, or any room of the home. They are the perfect foundation for a sunroom filled with plants and other items made from natural materials. The intersection between the past and the present that the new Turkish made rugs in this collection represent allows them to serve as a bridge in a room that combines several different design trends. If your room tends to be an eclectic collection of your favorite things, you can find a modern Turkish rug that will tie them together and give them a cohesive look.

Regardless of your style, you can find a rug in this contemporary collection to put the final touches on their design or to serve as inspiration for the decor and accents. We know that you will love these modern designs that are inspired by hundreds of years of Turkish rug weaving tradition. Feel free to look around, and if you find the perfect piece, contact us, and our staff will be happy to help you.

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