Modern Rag Rug 72216

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Size: 12 ft x 14 ft 10 in (3.66 m x 4.52 m)

Beautiful Modern Turkish Rag Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Turkish Rugs, Circa Date: Modern – Reds ranging from warm, earthy tones to vibrant brilliant fiery ones are making their way into interior designs in new and exciting style trends. For several years, designers have slowly begun a movement away from strictly neutral color palettes. At first, this trend featured a statement piece or two in a brilliant color against a neutral background.

The next step in this trend toward embracing reds and other vibrant colors was to add it with a rug or even red walls. Mixing it up when it comes to shapes and textures is the newest form of these trends. This rug features muted tones highlighted by a few pops of red. It would be an excellent way to add color to a subdued color palette.

The red stripes stand out and give it vertical movement. This creates a feeling of depth and adds dimension. This rug has a classic design and handmade look that is quickly becoming an important element in home design. Rugs that have a mass-produced look are being replaced by ones that are more artistic and one-of-a-kind.

Mixing high-contrast colors is an important design element that is becoming more popular. Designers are also mixing shapes and patterns to accentuate the idea of contrast and to add energy to the room. This rug features lines, rectangles, and squares. The mixture is a perfect foundation to add in a few pieces with curves and round elements for balance.

Along with these trends is the idea of featuring pieces that use more sustainable materials. This rug uses rags to create a beautiful masterpiece for a dining room, living room, or bedroom. It uses tones that are reminiscent of exotic spices and elements of nature. You could easily see this rug in a room with pieces made from natural wood, basketry, and other handmade textiles.

One trend that never goes out of style is creating a space that reflects your personality. This rug allows you to update your space and reflects your style.

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