Colorful Modern Rag Rug 72209


Size: 10 ft x 12 ft 10 in (3.05 m x 3.91 m)

Beautiful Colorful Modern Turkish Rag Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Turkish Rugs, Circa Date: Modern – For the past several years, neutral palettes with minimalist designs dominated interior spaces. This year marks the return of color, and it is anything goes as far as color combinations are concerned. Colors of the year include everything from vivacious reds to hints of mauve. New colors include dusty pinks, deep navy blues, and blue-greens.

Another trend this year is choosing rugs that add an artistic element to the room. Bold, oversized, statement lighting is becoming more popular, and you need a rug that can balance out the room. This rug draws attention downward, and it gives the room an earthy feel by incorporating subdued hues that are found in the natural world.

This gorgeous, colorful rug is the perfect piece to brighten any space. In an entranceway, it will add an infusion of color. The trend of working from home continues to gain traction. This trend is here to stay, and that means that many spaces must serve dual or even triple purposes. The neutral pattern and vivid colors of this rug work in an office, living room, bedroom, or in a space that must be a little of each throughout the day.

For those who embraced the neutral tones of the past several years and are not ready to change the wall color just yet, this rug helps brighten the space. Another major trend this year is layers of texture to give the space depth, and this rug is a perfect way to add this trend to your space. Sustainability and pieces that reuse materials continue to become increasingly popular. This rug makes use of rags and scraps of fabric in a way that transforms them into a beautiful work of art. It has a backing to protect it from wear.

This rug will balance a larger space in the home and bring it into into perspective. This year, you do not have to be afraid to experiment with color combinations, and this rug gives you plenty of options. The overall tone of the rug is neutral, but it adds just enough color to make it fun. It is a beautiful match for citrusy oranges, bold reds, or subtle blues. If you are ready to try a little color in your space, this rug is a perfect foundation for a vibrant room design.

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