Antique Bezalel Rug from Jerusalem Israel 8514


Size: 4 ft 9 in x 7 ft 9 in (1.45 m x 2.36 m)
Origin: Israeli Rugs

Lovely and eclectic, this breathtaking antique Bezalel area rug, from Israel, combines the elegance of Persian rug design with European, Art Nouveau, or even neo-medieval Arts and Crafts.

Artistic Antique Bezalel Art School Area Rug, Origin: Jerusalem Israel, Circa: Early 20th Century around 1910 – This gorgeous Bezalel rug from around the year 1910 offers a wonderful Art Nouveau design and green color palette that is perfect for traditional and contemporary rooms. The Bezalel Art School was founded as a school for Jewish immigrants in an area that was under the British-rule mandate at the time. It was founded as a supportive and creative space for Jewish artists. It allowed Jerusalem to establish its own unique voice and place in the world of fine hand-knotted area carpets.

Bezalel School encouraged the artists to draw inspiration from European traditions and from the oriental pieces that had inspired rug weavers for centuries. This resulted in a style that is remarkable for its artistry and fusion of cultural heritages. The school produced a large body of work, but you do not often find them on the open market. They are rare pieces, especially their antique rugs, and this piece makes an excellent addition to a collection.

The stylized floral motifs of this antique rug add a folk-art element to the formal layout of the design. The central medallion with the Star of David and the flames of the menorah speak of the passion and faith of the Jewish artist who created it. The theme of this rug makes it unique. The floral elements create a garden setting that brings a touch of nature to the indoor space.

The neutral browns, grays, and creams highlight the brilliant pinks of the abundant flowers and plant life. Each of the floral elements has a significant meaning. A flower blossom represents the coming of spring and a time of fresh, new growth. It can be used to signify a new beginning. The tulips are also seen as a sign of spring and new growth. Stylized carnations represent the Garden of Eden. This Judaica rug is beautiful, and it also tells an important story of strength and new beginnings.

Bezalel Academy was established in 1906 and continues as Israel’s most respected school of art, design, and innovation. This magnificent piece is a unique piece of the heritage of this fine institution and a tribute to the fine rug weaving tradition of Jerusalem. It is a beautiful piece that will add a classic design and a piece of Jewish history to your home or office.

The antique Israeli Bezalel rugs are unique and beautiful carpets with a distinct and exciting history. Initially this lovely antique Bezalel impresses the viewer as a design of oriental derivation, and to some extent its details are indeed Persian. But much of the feeling is European, Jewish, art nouveau, or even neo-medieval Arts and Crafts, recalling the designs and the coloration of William Morris wallpapers, with their swaying floral forms pulsating with life and energy. The captivating Israeli rugs testify to the eclectic origins of the Bezalel art school weavers and designers, reflecting both their European and Oriental heritages. Quite unique in style this antique Bezalel rug is truly an impeccably composed art nouveau style carpet.

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