Antique Silk Bezalel Rug from Jerusalem Israel 46984

Size: 2 ft x 1 ft (0.61 m x 0.3 m)
Origin: Israeli Rugs

Crafted in Israel, this essential silk fiber Bezalel art school rug depicts a decorative landscape scene that artfully combines aspects of art, history and religion in a pictorial form.

An Extremely Rare And Collectible Antique Silk Bezalel Rug, Origin: The Bezalel School Of Art In Jerusalem Israel Circa: Early 20th Century (First Quarter) – Created by the Bezalel School of art in Jerusalem, this historical Bezalel rug is one of the only examples ever woven in silk. This antique silk Bezalel rug showcases the imagery of the Bezalel school of art, in Jerusalem, as it was in the early part of the 20th century. Two formal seven branch menorahs, a historically significant symbol in the Jewish faith,  flank the broad central scene of the art school itself.

The Hebrew inscription line, in the lower edge of the stately scene, quotes the biblically writings from Exodus 31:3:

“And I have filled him with the spirit of God in wisdom and in understanding and in knowledge and in all crafts” / workmanship

The beautifully rendered borders are lined with boxes that include the word “Zion” – a word that is used to refer to the city of Jerusalem itself as well as a an actual hill within the city that was originally a stronghold captured by second king of Israel – David. The word can also be used in a more general way to mean: “kingdom of heaven” or “holy place”. Separating each one of these boxes is a, somewhat amorphic, green color depiction of the Star of David – a symbol that has been synonymous with the Jewish people and Jewish faith since the early days of King David.

Needless to say that the Israeli rugs in general, both the Bezalel and Marbediah rugs, are quite rare in and of themselves. But silk rugs that were actually woven in Israel are almost non existent which is another reason why this specific antique Bezalel rug is so special and unique.

Deeply rooted in both history and artistry, this silk Israeli Bezalel rug is one of the most magnificent and rare example, from this iconic school of art, that exist today.

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