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Tiffany Blue Bathroom interior Design by Namziyal

Royal and Tiffany Blue Interior Designs

Blue Interior Designs and Room Decors Blue Interiors – What more can I say about blue this week? I’ll spare you the Miranda Priestly quote this time. (Been there. Done that.) One of this coming year’s hottest color trends for adorning that abode is full of bodacious blues, astonishing aquas, totally rad teals, and cowabunga cobalt blues! These […]

Mini bathroom Decoration - Nazmiyal

Interior Design Trends of the Week

Happy Interior Design Trends Of The Week Interior Design Trends – Happy hump-day, ya’ll! What better way to spend that mid-week workday than looking at pretty pictures? Therefore we selected and number of them to share with you. These interior decorating projects are my top designs of the week. These projects are showcasing modern kitchen […]

New York Architectural Design - New Museum Nazmiyal

New York Architectural Design Face-lift

New York Architectural Design New York Architectural Design – Well, well, well, here we meet again with the ongoing issue facing post-modern New Yorkers and the anti-gentrification generation of city-dwellers. In one of my past posts, I slightly skimmed the surface of the futuristic facelift creeping up on what seems like every corner of New York City. These […]

Francis Bacon Study of a Portrait Nazmiyal Art Blog

Francis Bacon: Study for a Portrait

Study for a Portrait by Francis Bacon Renowned artist Francis Bacon may be know as one the bleakest macabre painters of the 20th century. Yet, the remarkable work for which he is responsible consists of masterpieces of existential and expressionistic genius. Bacon is one of my absolute all-time favorite painters after Ivan Albright with Dali and Otto […]

Cerulean Men's Fashion, a Double Breasted Blazer - Nazmiyal

Cerulean Men’s Fashion Trends

The Recent Surge In Cerulean Men’s Fashion Cerulean Men’s Fashion – “It’s not just blue. It’s not turquoise. It’s not lapis. It’s actually cerulean.” The hottest men’s trend that is gearing up to round the river bend in Spring 2012 is full of blue, cerulean to be exact. Now is the time to start thinking […]