Mystery Rug to be Discovered

The Mystery Rug that has captured out curiosity.

Covered in what we believe to be Poppies, The Nazmiyal Collection has acquired a mystery rug of incomparable beauty that is without identity…

The Nazmiyal Collection's Mystery Rug!

There are numerous factors that make this rug an invaluable mystery to us. For one, we know it was likely made on a horizontal loom, which is extremely rare for a rug of this size. This is because the fringe at the end is superbly looped rather than cut.

Mystery Rug, Nazmiyal

Looped Mystery Rug, Nazmiyal

Details of the looped Mystery Rug! Nazmiyal Collection

The allurement of this┬álarge rug’s details are never the same twice. Each and every flower is unique to itself. This awe-inspiring carpet is without symmetry, intentionally designed with boxes of color that are each a unique shade of brown. And this ambiguous floral rug indicates that it is probably an early piece, despite its great condition!

Poppy Details on the Mystery Rug!

The Poppies of our Mystery Rug! Nazmiyal!

Amazing Floral Details, Mystery Rug, Nazmiyal

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs, Mystery Rug, Details of Poppies

Please take a moment to look at all of the details in the photographs provided, especially the back of the rug:

Backside of Mystery Rug, Nazmiyal Collection

So where do you think this rug is from? Let us know!

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