Antique Rugs Hit Cyclical Sweet Spot: Published in JetSet Magazine

Jetset Magazine: Antique Rug Cyclical Sweet Spot

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs was recently featured in JetSet Magazine where Jason Nazmiyal was interviewed and spoke about the current market for antique rugs. After going through three embargoes, Nazmiyal explained how right now is the best time to invest in antique and vintage rugs.

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Antique Rugs Hit Cyclical Sweet Spot: Published In Jetset Magazine

Since 1980, Jason has been in the antique rug industry but he has never seen prices for antique and vintage rugs this low. Nazmiyal refers to this time as a “cyclical sweet spot” meaning that if you’ve ever considered purchasing or investing in an antique rug or vintage carpet, now is the perfect time. Just like with everything else, trends come and go, and this applies to rugs as well! Antique and vintage rugs are not the current trends and this has caused prices to drop and the market to become very depressed.

Today’s current rug trends are greys and silvers. These rugs are machine woven, chemically dyed and immediately lose value once they are taken home. However, once the market converts in ten years, Nazmiyal predicts that colorful and storytelling antique rugs’ values will once again skyrocket. Investment is also a wise option, because the value of your rug would increase substantially. If you’re in the market for buying rugs, whether to invest or enjoy for years to come, you’ve come to the right place. Nazmiyal Collection holds one of the world’s largest antique and vintage rug inventories. Even if you’re new to the market of antique rugs, our antique carpet experts have years of experience and guarantee a one of a kind experience finding you the perfect rug.

To read the full Jetset Magazine article on the current market and pricing for antique rugs, click the link below:

This rug blog about the recent Jetset Magazine was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs.

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