Buying My First Antique Rug

The Story Of My First Antique Rug Purchase

Guest Blog By: Raven Ziegler

Coming to the NYC area in 2008 after 20 years of pursuing art and metaphysical studies around the world, I was back in old territory. While exploring the landscape I noticed these large tent sales with the 80% off signs. I bought a few ordinary modern rugs from unknown origin. At home, once strategically placed on the floor, I noticed that they changed and created an atmosphere of rich color. They interacted with their surroundings and enhanced the living space. There was something very appealing about these items. A mystery about the shapes and symbols that engaged my mind.

I started to do some internet research, and it took awhile to discover the category of antique rugs. I was uncertain of this vast subject and how to navigate my way. I did not know how to look at these items with a higher view in regards to culture, history, and value.

Antique Tribal Persian Baluch rug Nazmiyal

Room Decorated With Antique Tribal Persian Baluch rug

Fortunately I stumbled upon the Hajji Baba rug society website, and contacted them. They were looking for new members. I joined, and gradually learned about antique textiles and carpets. I made sure to wait an entire year before making an authentic antique rug purchase. To refine my eye, I looked at as many high quality antique rugs as possible. I did not know what I was looking for and wanted to develop a sensitivity for fine art in a medium to which I was new. I subscribed to Hali magazine, and found a number of auction sites, and rug dealers.

Online, I kept coming across a photo of a blue-red-brown antique rug with unusual primordial motifs, which linked to the Nazmiyal Antique Rugs website. I watched it go on and off sale several times over many months, until I finally gave in. I made my first appointment, and wore a lucky hat to help wear them down. I came armed with cash, and remembered all of my bargaining skills.

When Jason Nazmiyal presented the Timuri Baluch, I felt a “vibrational” match that stirred something deep inside of me. I knew that I was gathering visual and non-verbal information intuitively. It made quite an impression. We discussed the antique rug, and how old it was, maybe even pre 1875 because the white cotton in the design was used in older oriental rugs for highlights. We looked at some of the areas of design, and old well-executed rug restoration and repairs, which was normal for a a carpet this age.

Tribal Baluch Persian Antique Rug by Nazmiyal

Tribal Baluch Persian Antique Rug

Then came negotiation time. I was uncertain of the procedure because I never bought an antique rug before, but requested the sale price, since they had this rug for some time. Omri and Jason gave each other some looks, and agreed. (The hat worked)! Then just before paying, I further bargained, just a bit more, and they cracked a smile and looked at each other and said, “ Who is this girl?” and gave in.

The deal was finished, the precious goods packed up in my old wheeled cart. But not to leave too soon, I was invited for lunch! Sushi, which was delicious and shared in good company. I felt like I found a home. It was not just the successful purchase a beautiful antique carpet, but the way in which it was done. I was invited to become a part of a tradition, that has continued for generations. It was old school in the best possible way, discovering my carpet family, those who would influence my taste, my visual eye, and careful choices in my surrounding world.

First Antique Rug Purchase Nazmiyal

First Antique Rug Purchase

After being baptized that day, I have returned for more. Meanwhile, the Timuri is living in the “Astrology Room” of my townhouse. It has wonderful colors, and in the morning and sometimes early afternoon, the brown has a purple tone. It has been a source of joy and inspiration, leading me to discover more about these magical objects.

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